Community support

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Denham United Ladies Football Club, has been established for 19 years & has gone from strength to strength every year, with the thanks of our committed team of volunteers. We support the local community by providing a fantastic team sport & family club to over 200 hundred local girls, who train & play football 2 or 3 times a week. Our main source of income is membership fees which we try to keep to a minimum & this helps us to cover most of our running club costs. We have recently refurbished our clubhouse, which is a huge asset for us & again enables us to serve the community by running team & social events for our local families. However all of the extra costs, has meant we now are desperate for some support to help us invest in new kits and equipment that is really needed for our teams. We are using old kits & equipment from the last season, due to a lack of funding and we really need Aviva's support to help us buy new kits, footballs, nets, goal posts, pitch and training equipment. We need to replace what we are currently using as a much of the equipment is worn out or some even broken and the kits need to be replaced. We have 200 girls needing our support and we believe investing in them is the source of providing the community with healthy, happy, confident, well skilled & rounded young women for the future. As well as bringing families lots of fun & happy memories together at our events, tournaments & games. We provide training and games all through the week and our pitches & equipment are heavily used by our teams. Our age ranges from age 6 upwards & we have a total of 10 teams. We really believe in investing in all the teams and as our girls grow in their skill and confidence through the age ranges, we have seen some amazing successes for the biggest all female football club in the South East. Our senior teams play in the FA Women's Super league and had very successful seasons this year. We achieve all of this through our own funding & with no bigger club to help us invest in the local community of grass roots sport. We believe over 200 local families would really benefit from the funding as it would help us to improve our equipment and in turn the girls enjoyment & performance of the sport. The funding would be so valuable for us, as we struggle to get the financial support for our girls that we need & sometimes are committed volunteers are just not enough to provide everything we need. We would be so grateful for this investment to support our girls and take our teams to the next level.

Denham United Ladies Football Club

Our football club is unique & committed to our 200 local girls who play with us , supporting not just their skills & fitness, but their general well being, confidence & happiness. We develop the girls in so many ways and many are now local teachers, coaches & valuable members of the community.

Location: Uxbridge