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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Tutti Amici are a youth choir of 14 - 18 year olds from York Music Forum (part of Yorkshire Performance Arts). They are fund raising in order to participate in the "Scratch® Youth Messiah" in the Royal Albert Hall in November 2018.

What is Scratch® Youth Messiah ? The following paragraph is taken from the Scratch® website :

"The Scratch® Youth Messiah brings together up to 1,500 singers aged 7–25 to perform Handel’s Messiah in the Royal Albert Hall in the run-up to Christmas. Choirs from across the UK can get to know Messiah in stages, learning an initial set of four core choruses and then adding more each year as they are able. On the day they join both a professional orchestra and young soloists for a short morning rehearsal leading up to a thrilling corporate performance, singing what they have learnt and hearing other choirs sing the movements they have yet to study.
Gradually they learn all twelve of the most regularly performed choruses, using Handel’s own music rather than a simplified arrangement. This enables young singers who have enjoyed the experience (and they do!) to go and sing Messiah anywhere, ensuring that the UK’s Messiah-singing tradition continues for many generations to come."

It should be noted that the Scratch® Youth Messiah event is a fund raiser in itself and last year's performance supported the British Heart Foundation through programme sales, advertising and post-concert bucket collections.

The Tutti Amici choir currently has less than 25 members and they are aiming to raise enough money for a return coach trip and overnight stay in London in order to perform at the 2018 event.

They aim to raise a significant proportion of the required funds through their own efforts. The choir has already performed one "free with donations" concert and a further six are planned for the people of York between November 2017 and July 2018. Fund raising through singing.

In addition though, Tutti Amici aim to create links with other younger singing groups in primary schools in York with the intention of supporting them, singing with them and showing them how to perform in a choir. This will hopefully introduce them to the exciting and educational opportunities which joining a choir can bring out of the school environment. Two different primary schools, together with the York Music Forum training choir, will be joining Tutti Amici at their forthcoming concerts.

Research shows that the benefits of being in a choir are many and various. Tutti Amici is hoping to inspire these primary school children to join a choir and enjoy the positive sense of community one gets from being in a choir, as well as raising the crucial funds they need to sing at the Royal Albert Hall with other Youth choirs from across the UK and Europe.

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Tutti Amici means "All Friends"and as well as being that, they want to spread the message to others

Location: York YO30 6ZS, United Kingdom