Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Crabtree Junior School is a thriving community primary school for 256 children aged between 7-11 in Harpenden. Our school is full of happy children who are supported by the school’s vision to instil confidence in all pupils to embrace life and encourage a love of learning.

Crabtree is an outstanding school with a great team of dedicated and experienced staff that are committed to helping all the children both in and out of the classroom. The parent body is also very active in many ways, supporting everything the school is doing. At Crabtree, we are passionate about giving the children every opportunity to play outside, learn outdoors and enjoy multiple physical activities, which form a crucial part of their education. Such outdoor learning and play not only gives them the freedom to be creative and active, but also allows them to develop their social skills and practice creative problem solving, co-operation and logical thinking. All this, along with our commitment to sports, ranging from football to tennis to cross country running, helps to keep the children as active as possible at a time when childhood obesity is on the rise (with one in three children obese or overweight when they leave primary school ).

Apart from running around, children at this age love to climb and swing on things as well. We are able to cater for this kind of activity thanks to a set of play equipment at one end of the playground with a variety of climbing frames and ropes – which the children also find very useful when playing tag games! Unfortunately, since the start of this term in September, outdoor play for the Juniors has not been nearly so much fun because the children have been unable to use this much-loved and well-used play equipment. After 10 years of constant use, some parts of the play equipment have worn out, making it unsafe for the children to use any of it. With nowhere to climb, swing, jump from, or clamber over, break times are less interesting and children are not getting the variety of physical activities that are so important for their well-being and development.

We are currently trying to patch up the equipment so it can be used again for a little longer, but we have been told that it will need to be replaced as soon as possible, so this award will enable us to do that and buy a new set of play equipment for the children. The award would mean we can install a new play area with the latest materials and the best climbing and swinging equipment so that play time is exciting and challenging again. Not only will this improve the children’s outdoor environment, it will enrich their physical learning and help the all-round learning and well-being of the 256 children currently at the school, not to mention the many children who will benefit in future years.

Crabtree School Parents’ Association

Crabtree Junior School is an amazing school, my son loves everything about it, the children are happy and friendly, and there is a strong sense of community with a dedicated headmaster and staff who all want to do their very best for the children.

Location: Harpenden