Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Bristol Pride is a volunteer led charity that tackles discrimination and violence toward LGBT+ people to promote equality, visibility, build community and celebrate sexual diversity and gender variance. We work all year round to tackle social injustice with a flagship annual cultural and arts festival culminating in a free outdoor community music and arts event attracting over 25,000 people and 6,000 during an extremely diverse Pride Week that includes theatre, comedy, circus, film festival and even an annual dog show.

As one of the biggest events in Bristol’s cultural calendar we’re an inclusive and welcoming event. Pride is for everyone. Whilst in place for the LGBT+ community to come together in a safe, welcoming space, that inclusivity extends to everybody who wishes to celebrate or learn through the art and performances on offer, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Pride reduces the isolation faced by many LGBT+ people by providing a safe, fun, inclusive space, raising public awareness of discrimination and the difficulties faced by LGBT+ people and strengthening communities by building understanding between those from diverse backgrounds.

However, we know from feedback, segments of the community are more marginalised and face barriers to participation. Lack of funding can restrict the opportunities we can provide and we want to improve inclusivity and ensure that nobody feels excluded. This funding will help ensure we can continue to be an open and inclusive event, a free festival to ensure maximised opportunities for engagement and address specific needs to overcome barriers.

What do we want to do:

Young People
Many young people attend Pride benefitting from engaging with positive experiences. Pride is hugely important in helping support young people who are discovering their sexual and gender identities. We want to develop our youth provision with more structure, activities and opportunities. Including speaker and learner events in a dedicated Youth Area with infrastructure such as seating and sound equipment. We would also like to build a wellbeing element to signpost support services.

Increasing BAME engagement and Inclusivity
Attendance at Pride does not currently reflect the ethnic diversity of Bristol. We want to tackle racism in the LGBT+ community, and culturally conservative attitudes in home communities. To tackle this complex issue and enable us to be more welcoming we’ll create a dedicated BAME working group to explore barriers and actions to overcome them. Including targeted outreach and engagement programmes to address the underrepresentation in our audience.

Improving festival access
There are currently a significant number of members of the public who’d feel more included if we were able to make adjustments to the festival space and activity delivery. Making Pride more inclusive and able to reach a wider demographic who would benefit from attending Pride due to specific LGBT+ needs or from any event with improved accessibility which often means they can feel excluded.

Direct feedback from members of the deaf community including Bristol’s deaf LGBT+ community, that some deaf people feel less included than other attendees. We’ll hire BSL signers for stages and create BSL videos to help relay information.

This project will also support improvement to our disabled viewing area providing space for wheelchair users or those with restricted mobility. We would also like to offer a big screen to relay stage activities and Signers on a screen, ensuring visibility to those at the back of the crowd or in the disabled viewing area especially those relying on viewing the BSL interpreters.

I hope that you’ll vote for us and help Bristol biggest community event to be even more inclusive, diverse and able to provide a vital space of support to all those who need it.

Project Video

Bristol Pride

Moment of Pride

Pride allows the allies and LGBT people of Bristol to be grateful for how far we've come, and reflect on how far we still have to go. It is a lifeline in a world where many still face injustice, and a beacon of celebration and joy for us all.

Location: Bristol