Skills for life

Funding level: Up to £1,000


A 2 week Scout trip to Arizona and The Grand Canyon in October 2018 which will give the scouts many experiences which they would otherwise not have. The main aims of the trip will be:

- Meet and experience joint learning activities with Scouts from The Boy Scouts of America;
- Visit and hike in one of the Seven Wonders of the World - The Grand Canyon;
- Learn about the traditional life of Native American Indians;
- Experience the history of the The Wild West of America;
- Learn about the geography and native animals of Arizona;
- Visit and learn about the history of the wold famous Route 66.

This project will mean the scouts will live and work together for 2 weeks , learning about living in a new and very different environment. The older Scouts, who are Patrol Leaders, will gain in confidence and grow as individuals by helping take responsibility for the smooth and safe running of the trip. Leadership competency will be developed and spread amongst the wide group, strengthening their ability to support others . This trip will give the scouts a fantastic opportunity to learn first hand about different aspects of America, in particular the Grand Canyon, the indigenous Americans and the history of The Wild West; understanding the differences between city and rural life and appreciating the value of a non-materialistic society. Many of the experiences will be a stark contrast to their life in Aberdeen. This will give them a taste of aspiration and broader horizons which will enhance their quality of life and personal strengths. The trip will contribute to their ability to take opportunities for physical, intellectual, social and spiritual development and as a result on their return they will be better members of the their local community.

Thirty six scouts and 10 leaders will attend the 2018 trip with an estimated cost per person of £1,750. The parental/Leader contribution will be £1,200 per person with the rest being raised through donations and fundraising. The scouts will be actively involved in fundraising through Bob a Job, bag packing, local event planning and sponsored activities; all of which will contribute to their learning experience and skill development. A contribution of £1,000 from the Aviva Community Fund towards the trip would be greatly appreciated.

The 9th Aberdeen Scout Troop organised a similar trip to Arizona and The Grand Canyon in 2014 which was extremely successful. The submitted photographs are from that trip.

9th Aberdeen Scout Troop

Moment of Pride

The 9th Aberdeen Scout Troop is an excellent organisation. Thanks to the dedication and enthusiasm of the Scout Leaders, it provides so many opportunities to the young people in the local community. My own children have gained so many skills from the many camps and activities they have attended.

Location: Aberdeen