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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Adlington Scout Group has been going since 1966, providing Cub and Scout meetings for children in the local area for over 50 years. Beaver groups were added at a later date.

In the past 5 years the number of group meetings has doubled. We now have two meetings per week for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. This means we accommodate over 100 young people from the local area, thanks to the large number of over 20 volunteer leaders that give up so much of their time to plan and carry out the meetings each week.

Over and above this weekly commitment, the leaders organise an amazing array of activity days and camps that continue throughout the year in all weathers. Whilst some of these are indoors in the depths of winter, the majority are held outside, making our children very hardy!

Last year, in celebration of 50 years of Adlington Scout Group, we held a camp for ALL six Beaver, Cub and Scout groups together, a massive 100 children, 18 leaders and numerous parent volunteers. It was hard work but so rewarding for both children and adults alike.

For the amount of camps provided and the number of children catered for, we obviously need a large amount of equipment: Tents, tables, benches, pots & pans, trailers etc. Some of this equipment is very old and needs replacing at intervals which we endeavour to do as and when funds allow. However, we are currently in need of a new mess tent which is used for cooking 3 meals a day for an average of 30 hungry children on the many two day camps that they attend. Our mess tent has been very well used but is now ripped, with holes that let in the rain (and it often rains) bent poles that need shoring up and temporary makeshift poles to replace those that have broken completely. Unfortunately these tents are priced at around £1000, an amount which we just don’t have to spare at the moment.

As a group we are very active in fundraising for ourselves, we run a yearly summer 10/21 mile walk which has been going successfully since 1999 and brings people in from all over the North West. This takes months of organising and is our major fundraising event of the year. However, we have also run quiz nights, ceilidhs and Christmas fairs to boost our funds. For the last 2 years though, all funds have been earmarked for replacing the dilapidated kitchen in the group scout hut, which is literally falling apart. As the fundraising events have been advertised with this as the target, all our funds are ring fenced for this purpose. We now have enough money (hopefully) to undertake this project and are currently looking for a local tradesperson to carry out the work as we would like to see the money go back to the community that helped us raise it in the first place.

This however, means that we have no funds available to purchase a new mess tent in time for the next batch of outdoor camps, due to start in March 2018.
I do believe that the camps are the activity that the children love most about attending one of the groups. Some of the children will never have slept in a tent prior to joining Beavers or Cubs, and as well as having fun and doing activities, being encouraged to help with setting out tables, washing up or cooking their own meals (just the older ones), also teaches them teamwork, responsibility and how to help mum and dad at home!

Our volunteer leaders give up so much time and energy for these children, not to mention often their own equipment and even money, and they rarely ask us on the committee for funds for new equipment, unless deemed absolutely necessary. However, the subject of a new mess tent was raised at the last meeting, just after I had received notice of the Aviva Community Fund. So for the sake of all their hard work, and to ensure that the camps can continue with suitable (and dry) equipment, I am making this application for £1000 to purchase a new mess tent for Adlington Scout Group.

Adlington Scout Group

Moment of Pride

The volunteer leaders work so hard to ensure that the children get plenty of opportunity for fun and learning, experiences that help young people to grow and develop with benefits lasting long into adult life, whilst also giving help back locally through involvement in various community projects.

Location: Adlington