Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


We need help to purchase new pitch covers to ensure we can play as many adult and junior games as possible.
Our Club is an amateur sport association based in Kirkburton. We provide opportunity for adults and children to learn and enjoy playing cricket. We are run by a team of enthusiastic volunteers.
We have a thriving playing membership; our senior teams compete in the 1st and 2nd XI Premierships of the Huddersfield Cricket League. We are represented in all sections of the Huddersfield Junior Cricket League and regularly achieve honours in one or more age groups. The Club provides an opportunity for over 70 local children to learn and enjoy the sport.
We are proud to help children from a number of nearby communities where the opportunity to play cricket is not possible. The Club has an active social/non-playing membership many of whom volunteer to help run the club and its facilities including coaching; managing the junior squads; running the bar and kitchen; and preparing the ground for matches.
We want to make sure we can offer our teams the chance to play as many games as possible. To make this happen the wicket needs to be in good condition and good quality covers are essential. Our current covers are old and in need of replacement. An award from the Aviva Community Fund will help us buy really good covers to keep the wicket dry and maximise the playing time. New covers will reduce the number of senior and junior games lost to the weather each season. The protection will also help improve the quality of the pitch which will be a real benefit to the up and coming junior players.


Moment of Pride

This project helps our community to keep playing the sport they love. By keeping the game going this project encourages the development of our junior players improving their physical well being. The Club is a social hub and maximising days of play helps the club to play its part in the community.

Location: Kirkburton