Skills for life

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


We are a brass marching band based in Halifax, West Yorkshire. We aim to teach children how to play a variety of brass and percussion instruments from cornets and trumpets to cymbals and bass drums.

We teach children of all ages, regardless of ability, how to play instruments and the basics of reading music. In addition, as a marching band, we teach children how to march and the basics of timing, rhythm drill.

We are well respected within the brass marching community both in our local area of Halifax and nationally. We are regularly asked to participate and lead a variety of local parades and galas including the Remembrance Day parade and the local annual gala.

In addition, children are given the opportunity to participate in national competitions against other marching brass bands across the country organised by the British Youth Band Association (BYBA). This gives the children the opportunity to watch more experienced players and competitors and provides a further method of encouraging them to improve their own ability and enthusiasm for the activity.

We would like to purchase instruments to enable us to continue to teach children and allow them to keep the instruments for the length of time they remain with the band. This will ensure children can take instruments home and continue their learning outside of organised band meetings to further their development which can then be built upon during practices.

Halifax Boys' and Girls' Brigade Band

Moment of Pride

The commitment and dedication of the voluntary staff to selflessly teaching members of the community how to play a variety of instruments and offer an additional educational learning experience in a fun and friendly environment outside of an educational setting.

Location: Halifax, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom