Community support

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Project Linus donates handmade patchwork quilts and knitted blankets to local children and young people who are ill or in distressing situations. The agencies we deliver to include a children's hospital, Ronald MacDonald houses (where siblings of patients stay when the family need to be on site) a teenage cancer ward and a unit that works with children who are homeless, often due to domestic violence. We also receive individual requests from families.
The donations go to all ages from premature babies to teenagers and are all made by volunteers, who love making things for a purpose - many say they have made a quilt for each of their family members or that their offspring don't want hand made items! We have individual donors as well as groups that meet in such settings as assisted living accommodation for older people, and knitting groups that people join to avoid isolation. We have also involved school groups who have been very interested in helping the project.
Volunteers generally buy their own materials and such items as wadding and fleece can be expensive for those on limited incomes. Their generosity keeps them sewing and knitting and it would be nice to reimburse them for the fabric and wool.
We have very positive feedback from agencies and families that receive the donations. Parents find it comforting that when they are at their lowest ebb with a distressed child, a stranger has taken the time to make a gift for that child. Some hospital wards ask to keep some of the items so that the whole area is brighter for patients and families, but generally the donation is for the child to keep and take home.

Project Linus UK

Moment of Pride

The fact that it is a simple idea that gives pleasure to both donor and recipient. People who enjoy making things are delighted to have a focus for their creativity and enjoy the positive feedback they receive: families are touched by the kindness of strangers

Location: Liverpool