Community support

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Imagine closing your eyes and waking up in Sevington Victorian school, you would be immediately be transported back to the Victorian era. At Sevington we want to make the facility more accesible for groups other than the school children who visit us to see how a child in the Victorian era would have been taught.
The school room and the parlour often spark memories of older visitors however feed back from the older groups tell us that we need to make the site more user friendly for people with mobility issues and upgrade our toilet facilities.
Feed back includes :
For example, " it was an ideal trip for older people. The one drawback was the toilets which are really not suitable for those with limited mobility.' Trowbridge U#A
'If you could just find the funds to upgrade your facilities I am sure there are lots of other groups like ours who would really enjoy coming to Sevington ( Organiser Kinfston St Michael Autumn Club.'
We want to act on the feedback by upgrading our cloakroom facilities and improving the pathways round the school. We plan to pull down the existing toilet block and build a new one with better disabled access.
We are a small charity and most of our helpers are volunteers. capital and building projects are prioritized and funded by the trustees who proactively fundraiser and source grants, the listed status and age of building provides additional challenges and cost implications.We do not want to disadvantage any groups by increasing our fees to contribute to the building improvement costs as many of our visitors are from organizations in the community with limited budgets, eg schools and charity groups.
It is not just older people who would benefit. The new toilet block will include a cloakroom and additional storage for visiting school groups and fully accesible disabled facilities for children with mobility problems and their Carers. For the first time these children will be able to enjoy the full Sevington experience alongside their classmates while visitors to our Open Sunday's will benefit from a better experience.
Within a radius of 20 miles there are 30 Luncheon clubs and day centers, more than 150 over sixties clubs and 6 thriving U3A and PROBUS groups. We have already made contact with some of these as part of a feasibility study and have received offers of support and publicity. At the moment we receive about 500 adult visitors a year and our conservative estimate is tha there is a potential pool of several thousand more belonging to organosations likely to take part.
Once the work is completed we plan to launch a publicity campaign aimed at organosations for older people and invite key workers and users to a grand tea party. This will be an opportunity to showcase our improvements and acknowledge the support of our sponsors.
We continue to publicize the school through the local press , social media and community websites. past experience shows this has worked well.
We believe the lasting benefit of our proposed improvements will be a regular stream of happy visitors who can enjoy tea by the fire in the parlour, revisit childhood memories in the school room and escape the social isolation which can exist in later life.
The Sevington trustees and staff are committed to keeping the school accesible to everyone.
Sevington is a hidden gem and we want to share it to keep history alive. The new toilet block will allow us to share the facility with a wider community.
Hearing the stories and memories of some of our older visitors enrich everyone's knowledge about the Victorian ways.
The project is costed at £75,000 and fundraising is well on its way , the Aviva money would help us make our project a reality.

The Sevington Victorian project

Moment of Pride

I visited Sevington and instantly fell in love with the building and the fact the school room remains as Miss Squires left it when she locked it up for the last time. it's like a living time capsule , the trustees are all passionate about keeping the history alive and the passion is infectious .

Location: Grittleton