Community support

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Ride Sheffield has crowdfunded purpose built mountain bike trails in Sheffield, with a variety of difficulty levels to help riders to progress. We run regular volunteer maintenance days, which require the attendance of knowledgeable, trained personnel to oversee volunteers and make sure that work is carried out safely and correctly. These maintenance days are split between work on purpose built mountain bike trails and existing rights of way used by several user groups.

We would like to establish small working groups across Sheffield to be able to run trail days more autonomously - overseen by Ride Sheffield committee members, but not necessarily needing their attendance at every volunteer day. This has an associated cost - for training, first aid, materials, PPE and tooling.

5 maintenance areas have been highlighted;

Blacka Moor/Eastern Moors
These areas to the West of Sheffield encompass natural bridleways and rights of way and include a SSSI. A very popular area with riders heading out of Sheffield to the Peak District
High traffic and wet conditions can cause erosion and poor trail condition
Maintenance work tends to be drainage and minor patching work

Lady Cannings/Redmires
Lady Cannings has 2 purpose built Blue level mountain bike trails
Redmires (build planned early 2018) will have 1 Red/Black level purpose built trail
Both established in partnership with Sheffield City Council on their land.
Requirement to keep trails in good condition at the advertised grades, to avoid liability issues for the Council
Maintenance work tends to be clearing/sweeping, removing excess vegetation and minor patching
Opportunity for further maintenance work on the surrounding rights of way which lead to the site.

Grenoside Woods
3 purpose built mountain bike trails, Red and Black grades
Established in partnership with Sheffield Wildlife Trust
Maintenance work tends to be repairing braking bumps/berms, drainage and surfacing work

Parkwood Springs
A Blue grade city centre mountain bike trail, plus separate Dual track
Purpose built trails on a Council parkland site
Maintenance work tends to be clearance/sweeping/litter pick and tidying

BMX/jump track and pump track with national recognition
In partnership with Sheffield City Council and Sheffield Dirt Society
Smoother surface finish and high traffic means that Bolehills requires a relatively high level of maintenance
Work days vary from minor patching and weed clearance to full resurfacing of the site

For each of these areas, we’d like to designate a “trail leader” to coordinate maintenance days with the volunteer base. Each of these people will be trained with Sheffield City Council’s “trail checker” course, plus relevant tooling and first aid qualifications. This leads into a 3 scale maintenance system, depending on the severity of an individual maintenance requirement;

Dig Day Teams
4 groups of around 15 volunteers each
To be tasked with basic trail maintenance such as sweeping/raking/tidying/litter picks
To be overseen by the Trail Leaders for each area
Tooling/first aid/basic training to be provided

Trail Leaders
4 more experienced individuals to oversee each area
Likely to come from Ride Sheffield “staff”
To lead decisions regarding maintenance
To take responsibility for more involved tasks requiring basic machinery/tooling
Trail leader course/First aid course/relevant tooling qualifications to be provided

Existing contractors and specialists
To deal with major maintenance, new build and repairs
Plant/larger tooling as required
Paid work

The costings are roughly as follows, to cover the initial year of work. Ride Sheffield is currently planning a monthly/yearly subscription for our membership base, with a plan to use this funding to sustain our maintenance plan.

For each of the 5 areas outlined above
£3500 materials
£500 training
£500 tooling/PPE
£500 contingency

£25000 total

Ride Sheffield

Moment of Pride

Our main committee has achieved much in the 5 years or so that we’ve existed. It’s now time for us to empower our riding community to give back much more, which in turn gives back to the local environment and community on a wider scale. Better trails for all users!

Location: Sheffield