Community support

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Clevedon United Junior Football Club has over 400 children aged between 4 and 16 signed on with a dedicated girls section with around 45 girls signed on as well. The club is run entirely by volunteers from the main committee to all of the managers and coaches. The club does not have its own ground, so training and matches are done on two sites, one of these is owned by North Somerset Council (Hazell Close fields). Currently there is changing rooms which are owned by the club which also have kitchen facilities which provide a tuck shop and teas, coffees and bacon sandwiches for the many parents and siblings who come to watch. This building needs major renovation as currently during wet weather, the building leaks with many puddles forming inside making it unsafe for the children to use the facilities. Our plan is to initially make the building watertight and then to redevelop the inside to make it more user friendly for the kids. We would like to have separate toilet and changing facilities for girls and boys. At present this is something we do not have. The girls section of the club is growing rapidly and we need to ensure that adequate facilities are provided for the girls as well as the boys. Due to the current design of the building, the kitchen facilities are tucked away and most people would be unaware they are there. We wish to redesign this so that the kitchen and tuck shop becomes the heart of the building in order to promote the community spirit that this club thrives on. It will also benefit visiting teams so that we can provide proper facilities and hospitality. The club is a huge part of Clevedon and the chairman of the club has been involved with the club for over 30 years. His son and grandson are also now part of the club. It has a real family focus, but over the years, the facilities have become old and outdated and any spare money has been used to purchase equipment for the children such as goalposts, respect barriers, footballs and training equipment and there is very little left to be able to complete this project. Clevedon is a small seaside town about half an hour away from Bristol. There isn't a lot for children (especially teenagers) to do and so this club is vital for engaging children and entertaining them and given them a focus. The club encourages anyone of any ability to come along and the bond the children have with their teammates is incredible. There are five primary schools in Clevedon and one secondary school. The club brings together children from all primary schools so when they start secondary school, they have many friends from all schools which makes the transition to secondary school so much easier. The adults also develop strong friendships adding to the real community spirit. The club also includes children with learning difficulties which again helps the children to include everyone regardless. Matches are played against other nearby towns and our facilities currently let us down as they are not to the same standard as other towns. Our current facilities are old, outdated and dirty from the amount of leakage in bad weather. They are not safe to use when it has been raining, which in this country is quite often, but it is not acceptable for a club of this size and the concern is that children will leave the club as parents will not think the facilities adequate. This then could lead to more teenagers hanging around in the town and causing trouble which is something we all want to avoid. We want to be able to provide safe and hygienic toilet facilities for both girls and boys and a safe user friendly kitchen which can then provide a tuck shop, teas, coffees and bacon rolls for all the family and visitors to really promote the long standing community feel of this great club.

Clevedon United Junior Football Club

Moment of Pride

My 2 sons both play for the club and my husband is a manager of our older sons team. The club has helped improve my eldest sons confidence. I've been involved with the development side of the club for the last year and it has also helped my confidence.

Location: Hazell Close, Clevedon, United Kingdom