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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


We enter our Junior section into competitions which can take them all over Scotland. We work within a social deprivation area and not all the parents of the junior section are in a position to assist with travel. In this situation we have to rely on having the use of our Junior Club minibus to take the kids to these competitions. Unfortunately, our mini bus is not the most reliable and is beginning to cost our club money to maintain.

We have in the past 2 years collected a number of tokens for the Dundee Courier competition to win a mini-bus but unfortunately have been unsuccessful in the final lottery draw on both occasions and these buses have gone to other local youth organisations.

Last week we submitted applications to all local Supermarkets for fundraising via bagpacking and are currently organising a date with one of them at the moment.

It is not only our Junior section who have the use of this mini bus but our senior section also. Our senior section have to travel more distance than our Juniors as both our Men and Women 1st team play in National League and our Men 2nd Team play in the Central league which takes them away out of town most weeks with a round trip of approx. 145 miles.

Within our Senior Teams we also have a number of Youths playing, therefore that is why they require use of the mini bus as not enough players are of age to drive.

We are also proud of the fact that we have enabled some of our Junior kids to compete at Great Britain levels, taking part in international competitions and travel to parts of the world they would not otherwise be able to experience.

We currently have one of our 14 year old Juniors with the Scotland Under 16s squad and 6 of our young girls are in the Midland U18 team who have just won the Scottish inter district competition. One of these girls has also been called up to the full senior Scotland squad at the age of 17. There are a number of Juniors who were selected to play for our region this year in Under 14, 16 and 18 age groups. One of our senior girls is captain of the senior Scotland ladies.

Without the use of our mini bus we would not be able to enter our Juniors into competitions from a young age and develop them into the players that we have produced over the years.

We are also competing in a minority sport against the more easy to fund sports such as dancing and football. We are however continuing to grow our club members and the game of hockey. Our area is more secure than ever before thanks to the hard work of our volunteers and club members.

Dundee Wanderers Hockey Club

Moment of Pride

We are proud of the fact that we are ensuring that kids from a social deprivation area are given the opportunity to take part in a sporting activity which improves interaction with others, improves their communication and social skills making them a team player.

Location: Dundee