Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


We aim to encourage members of the East Kilbride Community to come together end be more socially active. This achieved by providing a place where members of the community can come together and work on projects individually or collaboratively. We offer a range of activities which means the community can work shoulder to shoulder in sharing, enhancing and learning new skills.

We provide a community grassroots run workshop and social space which offers various activities. These activities range from dominoes, art, woodworking, electronics to metal work. Some of our activities require power tools and machinery which means we need to make sure that our members are trained in how to use the machinery to keep everyone safe. We also need to make sure that we have first aid trained members present when we are open in order to protect ourselves and each other from injury. We are open regularly to try and maximise the benefit to the community which means that training, utility bills and material purchases are often needed. If we were lucky enough to receive some funding we would use it towards the aforementioned utilities, materials and safety equipment.

If you as the grantor has have a preference of how the money should be spent we would happily listen to your guidance.

We do accept anyone over the age of 18 but our main demographic is retirees, the disabled, long term unemployed, people with mental health issues. As an organisation we aim to alleviate some of the socio-economic impact felt by members of the community. There is also a positive knock-on effect for their families, friends and the wider community. Our Shed is self-managed drawing on support from partnerships forged with local, national voluntary and statutory organisations. The health and inclusion of the community who are engaged in activities features heavily in our plans and development.

Finding acceptable social interventions for lonely and isolated members is always a challenge. The main benefits through increased social contact are an increase in well-being, happiness and physical health. This results in an increase in personal health, quality and quantity of life. Other benefits are an increase in community engagement, volunteering, reduction in social isolation and an improvement in mental and emotional health. Any money we receive will go towards sustaining us and ensuring that the community continues to experience the many benefits on offer.

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East Kilbride Men' Shed

Moment of Pride

It makes a difference to a wide range of community members. Members who suffer mental health issues say that our Shed and its welcoming environment saved them from depression & suicidal thoughts. Isolated elders are able to socialise,laugh,contribute to & enjoy the service. Inspired by the potential

Location: East Kilbride