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Funding level: Up to £1,000


The Bollin path, through the woods and along the river, is an area of outstanding beauty, inspiring local residents to exercise more regularly but its poor condition makes it unsafe for large parts of the local community to use for at least half of the year. Our project aims to repair targeted sections of the Bollin path from Ashley Mill Lane North in Hale to the bottom of Grange Road in Bowdon. This will directly and significantly benefit the lives of:

• local families and children, by enabling them to walk to school all year round,
• the elderly and socially isolated who benefit from the social contact with other local residents inspired by the woods and river,
• dog walkers,
• local residents of all ages who enjoy walking at the weekend.

The walk through the woods and along the river is beautiful and is really valued and enjoyed by our local community in Hale, Bowdon and Altrincham. In 2012 Friends of the Bowdon Bollin (FOBB) secured funding from Community Spaces (The Big Lottery) to restore a section of the path that had suffered from river erosion and replaced a muddy grass section with a stone path. Sadly some of the rest of the path has deteriorated over recent years and in the autumn and winter months it becomes dangerously slippy and extremely muddy, preventing younger and older people from being able to use it safely.

FOBB have created a 3 stage plan to repair this path so that our local community can use it safely throughout the year.

This project will particularly impact our local primary school community. These days, parents are encouraged to walk children to school, however South Downs Road (the route to school for families who live in South Hale with children at Bowdon Church School or The Bollin School) is too busy and dangerous. The pavement is extremely narrow, too narrow to negotiate a pram, too narrow for a child on a scooter and too narrow for a toddler to walk safely to school to pick up an older sibling. Most parents are forced to turn to their cars when the woods become unsafe. Once the Bollin Path has been repaired, families with children at both local primary schools will be able to walk to school and back safely throughout the year.

The local community has been fundraising to mend this path and the first stage of the improvements is due to take place on 11th and 12th November, supported by FOBB volunteers. A further two stages are planned for 2018, but this can only be achieved if additional funds are raised.

Bowdon Church School is passionate about the impact this work will have on the health and wellbeing of its children and has been fundraising to support this project:

“Making the Bollin Path safe will encourage far more parents to walk their children to school instead of taking the car. What better start to the school day could children have than a walk through the woods?”
Mrs Brierley, Deputy Head

Friends of the Bowdon Bollin

Moment of Pride

This project is being driven by members of the community. If we can fix this path, it will be accessible to all members of the community throughout the year. Fixing this path will enhance the fitness, wellbeing and happiness of our community.

Location: Hale