Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


We are a small team of 7 under 8s footballers who love playing football even in the rain (which is most of the time here in Warrington!).

Our home kit is red, when we play another team in a red kit, we have to wear vests, which are too big and get very soggy when wet (which happens most of the time in Warrington). We are also growing at a rapid rate, so our home kit is getting too small for us too!

We'd love to get an away kit so we don't have to wear the soggy vests anymore!

We also train outside on a Thursday evening, and would like to get some training kit.

We'd we be really grateful if you could help us to find our new kit, or make it so it doesn't rain quite so much!

Winwick Wolves under 8 football club

Moment of Pride

It's been great being involved with the football team, they've been pals since 5, and are growing into a great group of footballers, who ooze with passion for the game and confidence. It's lovely seeing them have pride in working so well as a team.

Location: Warrington