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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Sacred Heart Primary School serves 400 children of families in the areas of Raynes Park, Wimbledon, Motspur Park, Worcester Park and New Malden. We would like to buy a mini bus for our school, as soon as possible, to enable the children to enjoy more outdoor and sporting activities, as well as additional educational and cultural trips.

The school has been offered access to some forest land which they are keen to use for outdoor education. The aim is for all children in the school to participate in regular outdoor sessions in the forest environment, but the school does not currently have any means of transporting them between the school and the site. Recent studies have shown that primary school children benefit from outdoor learning in numerous ways including developing higher levels of conversational language; greater independence; improved health and sleeping patterns; greater physical competence and agility; improved time focus on activities and more concentration; a greater understanding of nature and the environment; and improved social skills, involvement and initiative. The staff, parents and children at the school are all excited about this opportunity and are working hard to make it happen. It is especially important to us as, although the school is fantastic and has a great sense of community, it does not have any green spaces for the children to enjoy on site.

The purchase of a mini bus would also mean that the school’s sports teams could more easily attend away sporting fixtures. The children are currently limited as to what fixtures/events they can attend due to lack of funds for transport. This is a shame as participating in team sports regularly is a fun way for children to get consistent exercise and gives them a reason to get away from those all too tempting screens! It also helps to build their confidence, develop relationships, teach respect, contributes to stronger academics, and helps them put winning into perspective.

We also have a talented choir at the school. Access to a mini bus would mean they are able to perform at events outside the school which would no doubt be exciting for the children and build their confidence – as well as allowing the wider community to enjoy their music.

Finally, the mini bus would be used to transport children locally for educational and cultural visits such as to the library. Each class currently only gets to visit the library once a year and the school has to rely on parent volunteers to escort children there and back. This involves crossing and walking alongside busy roads, and triples the amount of time that a trip to the library should take. A mini bus would mean that the teaching staff would be able to manage visits without external help, it would be safer for the children, and the reduced time required would hopefully mean that the children would be able to go more often.

In short, a mini bus would make a real difference to the school and our children.

Sacred Heart Primary School PSA

Moment of Pride

Sacred Heart school is special for many reasons – the children do well academically, have many opportunities to develop music and sports skills, and enjoy a strong sense of community. Being able to offer outdoor education, thanks to a mini bus, would be a wonderful addition for our children.

Location: Burlington Road, New Malden, United Kingdom