Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Our Project is the development of a virgin field on Vicarage Lane providing a facility for football, rugby, other sports and allotments including changing facilities that incorporates a kitchen and a meeting room within Shevington. Together with our partners Shevington FC and Shevington Horticulture Club we are creating a centre for sporting and recreational facilities for use by the children and adults of Shevington and the local community. This will provide facilities that do not currently exist within Shevington. Schools would be able to use the area for sports and other activities. We can offer local people the opportunity to train and play sport that might otherwise be unavailable to them if they cannot attend owing to lack of transport or other restrictions, for example we can develop disability sports and the growing sport of walking football for the less mobile. Shevington has a significantly older demographic. This would lead local residents to develop a healthier and physically more active community.

The offer of sporting facilities, particularly team sports gives a focal point to communities, either as participants, spectators or volunteers. Offering a facility like this gives ownership to communities which is shown to allow for more cohesion. Youngsters develop the ideas of respect for others and team spirit which are lessons to take throughout life and could lead to improved life chances. Health will improve by tackling obesity, there will be more inter generational contact in more positive ways. The project aims to provide the community with sustainable sporting and recreational facilities, and as there are children over the age of 12 years participating, the provision of changing and toilet facilities as laid down by current legislation. The facilities are neither gender, ability nor age limited.

Working in conjunction with and along side the sporting clubs are the Shevington Horticultural Socirty who will have upto 50 allotments available to local people including schools, once in operation this will allow people to learn how to grow there own food and plants both practically and in a classroom environment on site.

Phase 1 The building of the pitches and allotments are well underway and our focus is to secure partnership funding for the community facility to complete this unique project.

Shevington Sharks ARLFC

Moment of Pride

This unique project provides the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy for the people of Shevington providing a recreational facility for use by all regardless of gender race age and ability

Location: Shevington