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Funding level: Up to £1,000


TimeNorfolk and Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital recognise the need for a bereavement room for people who have experienced a loss during the latter part of their pregnancy whether through stillbirth, a late miscarriage or a termination for abnormality.

TimeNorfolk are working with the NNUH to help fund and shape a new bereavement room located on the delivery suite at NNUH.

We are aware from our clients feedback that although nothing can change their situation, finding themselves in a clinical room when you have just received the devastating news that your baby has died is not ideal.

We are aiming to create a space which is calming, tranquil, comfortable and private with access to things that might be needed to make this traumatic time more manageable and give bereaved parents one less thing to think about.We are also hoping that this room will enable TimeNorfolk to reach people at the time of their loss rather than months later.

We are applying to the Aviva Community Fund to help allow us to furnish a bereavement room,
funding received would be used to purchase furnishings for the room to make the space comfortable and non clinical. We plan to purchase a sofa bed, bedding and cushions for the room to allow recently bereaved parents to take as long as they need in the Hospital with the option of sleep should they need it.

We estimate that up to 240 people would benefit from the use of the bereavement room per year, this number includes the close family and friends of the bereaved parents.


Moment of Pride

It makes me proud that TimeNorfolk are working to support bereaved parents at their point of loss. Nothing can make the situation better when hearing the devastating news that your baby has died, however we are working to create a comfortable environment in which parents can begin to grieve.

Location: Norwich