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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


We would use £25k to create custom biographical films that improve the lives of 20 people with dementia in the London Borough of Hounslow. Our free biographical films would be used to boost the mental health and emotional wellbeing of local people with dementia, and increase the quality of care they receive from care workers.

Who are we?

My Life Films uses digital filmmaking to tell the life stories of people with dementia, improving their lives in a lasting way. We recognise the individual behind the illness. Our work combines creative filmmaking with an innovative care model that has been evaluated and endorsed by the NHS. We’ve developed and delivered our high-quality, free service over the last three years, and we would like to roll it out to new beneficiaries in the London Borough of Hounslow, transforming their lives for the long-term.

How would it work?

The free film packages will be created by our team of young, talented filmmakers, who are trained to work with people with dementia, and use our tried and tested film format to ensure consistent quality and impact. One of our filmmakers works closely with each person with dementia and their family. Over 3 visits at their home, the filmmaker gets to know the person and talks through their life. They film interviews with them, look over family photo albums, and find out about their favourite music, deciding together what content to use to tell their story. The filmmaker then creates two custom-made films for the person, which make up the film package:

– The Life Story Film (30 mins) – The detailed account of the person’s life, featuring their favourite memories. This longer film is made up of their interviews, photos, and favourite music. It’s slow-paced to help the person with dementia to focus

– The Profile Film (5 mins) – The overview of the person’s life, featuring the highlights of the long film. This shorter film is made up of a voiceover rather than interviews to describe their story. It’s fast-paced to allow care workers to watch it quickly

The two free films deliver two positive outcomes:

– The Life Story Film helps people with dementia reminisce positively about their lives on a regular basis, boosting their mood and increasing their self-esteem, which improves their mental health

– The Profile Film helps care workers get to know people with dementia by providing a quick and engaging introduction to their unique lives, enabling them to build stronger relationships, communicate better, and improve their quality of care

How many people will benefit, and how?

20 people with dementia and all of their care workers will directly benefit for the rest of the person’s lifetime. Their family members will also indirectly benefit.

With The Life Story Film, people with dementia receive a self-care tool that calms them down when they feel anxious, gives them joy when they feel sad, and helps them to recover from low moods quicker. Put simply, they will watch the film and feel better, and become more capable as a result.

This will give them the confidence to socialise and help isolated beneficiaries reconnect with their community.

With The Profile Film, care workers receive a care-enhancing tool that helps them get to know the person with dementia, rapidly improving the patient-carer relationship. Put simply, it will help care workers to deliver better care, faster.

Why should you vote for us?

Vote for our work to improve the lives of loved ones with dementia – our parents, grandparents, friends and longstanding members of our community. We celebrate these great people by telling their unique stories, and help them to be healthier and happier when they need it the most.

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My Life Films

Moment of Pride

We are proud that every film is a collective achievement. People with dementia are at the heart of the filmmaking process, working with our filmmakers to tell the story of their life. Our films give them hope after a devastating diagnosis, and provide a lasting memory for their loved ones.

Location: London Borough of Hounslow, United Kingdom