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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Cricket is a sport that brings people together. What helps people to bond more than standing in a field together for 4 hours of the day? And the Plymouth Women’s Cricket team have been doing just that for over 10 years now. Having started out as just a few wives and girlfriends of the men already playing at the club, we have grown to a strong team of all ages from 13-50+ playing in Division 1 of the Devon Women’s league. With the recent success of the England women’s side and the growing interest in the sport, we are looking for the funding to help us to inspire the next generation of women’s players.

Many of the ladies already on the team have found many benefits from playing, not just the physical side. From playing as part of a team, many of the women have said it has helped them to improve team work and communication, which benefits them in other areas of their lives. The main improvement we have seen is the huge growth in confidence of all the ladies, being part of a team and having a laugh with the rest of the girls, really helps to boost the mental wellbeing of everyone that has joined us.

Our aim is to help as many ladies and girls in the local community to come and try cricket.
Training is key part of what helps a team come together and bond, so with this money it would allow us to invite new ladies from the wider community, that might not have thought about playing cricket before, to come and train with us without the worry of having to find the money to pay for it. With this fund, we are hoping to secure a winter training venue alongside Plymouth University with the aim to develop a relationship with them and encourage new ladies to join our club. We would like to offer coaching to our players in order to help them develop their skills. We would also like to be able to provide some new equipment to aid the coaching sessions.

We hope you can see the benefits in our project and how it will provide improvements to health and wellbeing in our local community.

Who knows, we could discover the next Heather Knight.......

Plymouth Cricket Club

Moment of Pride

Run by volunteers who work tirelessly for the benefit of our members. After losing our ground 5 years ago we have raised the money to build a pavilion and nets at our new home. A lot of hard work by members old and new continues to make our club greater and stronger. We are very proud of our club.

Location: Mount Wise Crescent, Plymouth, United Kingdom