Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Newham is one of the most deprived Borough in England with a large and diverse BAME population. There is significant mobility in the local population, it has the largest number of young people and high birth rates. There are significant social issues e.g poor and inadequate housing, unemployment, many chronic health conditions, overcrowded schools, social deprivation etc in Newham. Newham also hosted the last Olympic games and other international sports events.

The Barts Community Cafe was set up to provide support and outreach to those who are vulnerable in Newham's local community. The Barts Church and Centre is open to all faiths and people in the community, currently there are more than 50 groups using the building. The proposed community kitchen would be used for community events and we expect the building to be used more effectively then at present as the unused kitchen space amounts to 20% of the total space available for community use. Currently we offer a limited cafe service that supports limited community events that are aimed at providing services and outreach to those who are most vulnerable in our community. Many disabled and elderly people use the community cafe to socialise and attend healthy living events. The floors above are occupied by vulnerable residents under supported housing. The centre has held many open days and events, feedback from users and attendees indicate that there is a real and urgent need to expand our community work. If we bring the large kitchen back to use it will provide the base for a community kitchen that can be used to run more and better healthy living and community events e.g community cookery classes, cater for larger community participation, events aimed at this who have poor health or are vulnerable/lonely etc Currently we are restricted from doing any these because our kitchen cannot be used as it needs safety works, refurbishing and a new industrial cooker.

We do not have the funds to carry out all the necessary works. We are also raising funds, the total estimated cost for bringing the kitchen back to use is approximately £5,000. If we get £1000 from this grant then we would be in a position to bridge the funding gap. The grant will help us immensely to bring the community kitchen back to use and meet the objective of supporting healthy living and social inclusion/cohesion in Newham's local community.

As there are no similar facilities in the local community where the Barts Centre is located we are expecting the community kitchen to become an important active part of the local community. Restoring the community kitchen will enable us to better serve the community and enable us to hold regular large scale events.

Urgent work is needed restore the Community kitchen back to its full working order. To replace broken (condemned) industrial cooker equipment and bring the fabric of the kitchen back to an acceptable hygiene level. We are in a position to sort the works immediately when the funds become available.

St Barthlomews Church and Centre

Moment of Pride

St Bartholomews centre makes a difference to community life in Newham. It is used by many residents and it is fully inclusive. I am very proud as the users and the people who are involved are very dedicated and committed to improving the health and living conditions of the local community.

Location: 292B Barking Road, London E6 3BA, United Kingdom