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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Carney’s Community helps disadvantaged young people to keep off the street and away from a life of crime by giving them skills, confidence, discipline and self-respect. Based in Wandsworth amongst some of the largest council estates in South London, Carney’s transforms lives for the better, benefiting young people from Wandsworth and Lambeth as well as the wider community.

What Carney’s Community does
Inspired by the boxing legend Mick Carney, Carney’s Community uses boxing as the hook to draw in young people from disadvantaged communities in Wandsworth and Lambeth. The centre’s mentors then work intensively with their young people, helping them to work through their challenges.

At Carney’s Community, a young person builds a trusting relationship with a single mentor, providing vital consistency of support. The relationship lasts as long as the young person needs. This sustained provision helps young people who may have been passed from agency to agency before finding the help they need.

Over time young people coming to Carney’s Community grow in confidence and find a new sense of purpose. They acquire a new focus on education and employability skills. The centre provides a stable and support environment, something that has often been missing in their lives. It also creates a virtuous circle – once young mentees are employable and employed they often return as coaches and mentors. This also gives the young people we work with hope – they are learning directly from mentors how understand their circumstances and the challenges which they face.

Carney’s Community also provides Business Counselling and Mentoring to support young people to start their own business.

In 2016 Carney’s Community supported some 427 young people, of which half were from disadvantaged backgrounds or at risk of offending.

Our project: a new seating rig for live shows and events
Carney’s is applying to the Aviva Community Fund for £5,000 of funding to pay for a new seating rig for shows and events at Carney’s centre and out in the community. New seating for 150 people would increase Carney’s capacity to host shows and events, boosting its future revenue stream from this one-off investment. Carney’s hosts amateur live boxing shows – with this new capacity, income for a popular show could bring in thousands of pounds. The seating rig could also be taken to events in Wandsworth, such as the Falcon Road Festival, bringing the great work Carney’s does out into the community.

Carney’s Community is a small charity doing difficult work. A relatively modest financial investment can make a big difference. By increasing Carney’s Community’s capacity to host events and to showcase its work, a new seating rig could be delivered for under £5,000.

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Carney's Community

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This organisation supports local young people, reducing the level of anti-social behaviour in the wider community and creating employment opportunities.

Location: 30 Petworth Street, London, United Kingdom