Skills for life

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Cromer Road Primary School is amazing because it has a small 10m swimming pool that enables every child to learn how to swim. My daughter recently got her 1 mile swim badge which required her to swim around the pool 68 times and took her over an hour to complete. This demonstrates what can be achieved with great teaching and a swimming pool, even with such a small pool. The original pool was built and paid for by donations from parents but the donations received now only just cover the day to day running costs. But sadly the pool roof is in need of replacement and if it can't be replaced the pool will have to be shut down. I should point out that the pool also serves the local community and not just the pupils.
We desperately need funding to replace the roof and if possible make the heating of the pool more environmentally sustainable.

Cromer Road Primary School

Our primary school is exceptional in the quality of staff and the enthusiasm of the parents. The PTA is in the process of changing which is why I am applying on behalf of this wonderful community that needs your help.

Location: New Barnet