Community support

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Gnosall Memorial Village Hall is built on land donated to commemorate our war dead.
It is a registered charity which receives no funding at all from any organisation. We are run purely on the private hire fees for locals who hold parties and fundraising events, as well as local groups who have regular bookings, for example the Gnosall Players, Bowlers, Bingo, Ballet, Yoga, etc.
Since our previous Automatic Water Boiler broke, we have been making do with several small urns and kettles, which are not really sufficient when we have an event of approximately 100 guests all wanting a cup of tea at the same time.
We would like to purchase and install a new Automatic Water Boiler so that anyone using the Memorial Hall for either one-off or regular bookings can make as many hot drinks as they wish. Potentially, this could benefit all of the village - 4,736 in the 2011 Census - as many villagers hire the hall or attend events.
The funds from the Aviva Community Fund, if granted, would mean that we can once again ensure everyone visiting the Memorial Hall is able to have a hot drink if they wish.

Gnosall Memorial Village Hall (Gnosall Memorial Institute)

Location: Gnosall

Gnosall Memorial Village Hall receives no funding from any organisation, and yet manages to offer a brilliant venue for local groups and individuals.
The Committee (almost entirely voluntary) which run it works very hard to ensure everyone receives great value from the Hall.
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