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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


The Harrow School of Gymnastics motto is “A fun, inspiring club, producing national champions”. We have over 1,500 members, who come from all parts of North-West London, Herts and surrounding areas. We also have a waiting list that is currently over 1,500, demonstrating the high regard that the club is held in.
We are fun because our member children and young adults can’t wait to get to their gymnastics classes and get a real buzz out of doing gymnastics. We have coaches who have a passion and enthusiasm for gymnastics and love to teach and to work here.
We are inspiring because we want our gymnasts to be ambitious, work hard, try their best and achieve things they didn’t think were possible.
We like to produce champions and we’ve produced many. We have the Boy’s National Under-12 champion and one of our girls is the Senior British Challenge champion. But we also just love everyone to work towards and reach their potential and be proud of their achievements.
We have over 1,000 children who visit us every week to take part in our ‘Gymnastics for All’ classes. They are committed, eager to learn new skills and make friends while they do it. They earn British Gymnastics badges and awards as they progress and have the chance to compete in our exciting annual club championships.
We have 200 pre-school children who love to use our gym floor and our specially designed equipment for fun play which keeps them moving and helps develop co-ordination. We sometimes let their parents take part, which they delight in.
We have over 100 squad gymnasts who train for longer, living and breathing gymnastics, learning amazing skills, supporting each other and inspiring the other gymnasts. They regularly compete in regional, national and international gymnastics competitions and wear their Harrow leotards and kit with pride.
But to continue to be fun, inspiring and to keep creating champions, we need more than the dedicated, hard-working coaches, more than the enthusiastic and energetic gymnasts and more than their supportive parents.
We also need a great facility, with room for everyone to train and participate as well as good quality, up-to-date and well-maintained equipment. Gymnastics equipment isn’t treated gently, gets worn very quickly and is very expensive to replace. The club is in desperate need of new mats, beams and bars, mushrooms, spotting platforms, play gym modules and, not least, masses of foam for our pits so the children can fall safely after practising their moves. (They’re also a lot of fun to throw around too.)
This is more than just having nice looking equipment. It’s vital to have proper equipment for the safety of the gymnasts. Worn foam in the pits mean that there is less of a cushion when gymnasts land, increasing the risk of injury. Old and worn out mats also affect how well the gymnasts can land and many of the mats now urgently need replacing. Old beams, bars and mushrooms make training harder, particularly on the hands of the gymnasts, which already undergo much punishment.
Money from the Aviva fund would help contribute to the costs of new equipment from specialist gymnastics suppliers. Every single one of our 1,500 gymnasts will benefit. This includes children from the three Harrow Special Needs schools, whom we regularly host, who enjoy fun soft play sessions specially designed for safe, independent exercise which improves mobility and motor skills. The club will be investing heavily in new equipment to ensure all our equipment is safe and up-to-date, winning this fund would help contribute to this and limit the need for increases in costs and will be a massive boost to the coaches and gymnasts.
We’ve been teaching gymnastics and keeping children in Harrow and the surrounding areas fit and healthy for over 25 years. Winning an Aviva fund will provide the money we urgently need and benefit our children greatly by allowing them to continue enjoying gymnastics for the next 25 years

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Harrow School of Gymnastics

Moment of Pride

Harrow School of Gymnastics has been a central part of life for children in Harrow across 3 decades. Our gymnasts are proud to represent Harrow wherever and whenever they compete. Renewing the equipment will ensure the environment is as safe as possible for the thousands who use our facility.

Location: Harrow