Skills for life

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Cragside Primary School has been in the heart of High Heaton, Newcastle, for 80 years. To mark this special birthday earlier this year, our 420 pupils learned all about school life in 1937 and even had some lessons with chalk and blackboards!

At Cragside, we feel it is important to learn about the past but we are equally passionate about preparing our children for the future.

We believe that it is crucial to equip all children with the digital skills they will need later in life and that school has a vital role in achieving that aim.

We are asking for your support for 30 new iPads which will help sustain innovative teaching across all year groups and ready our pupils for tomorrow.

The iPads will be used across a wide variety of subjects and in different ways including:

* brainstorming existing knowledge
* stimulating creativity
* video lessons
* labelling diagrams
* whole class quizzes
* in-class apps such as Doodlemaths, Puppet Pals and Book Creator
* providing interactive opportunities
* pupil research
* give teachers the opportunity for real-time feedback.

With your vote, will be able to help our children keep pace with the ever-changing technology of today and allow us to continue to motivate and engage pupils from Reception through to Year 6.

We believe that technology has real power to raise standards in schools and your vote for our project will make a real difference to the school, the teachers and most of all to the pupils.

Watch our video and hear directly from pupils across the school on one way in which they will use the iPads.

Please vote iPads for Cragside!

Project Video

Cragside Primary School

Moment of Pride

Our school gives opportunities to children they may not otherwise experience - many of which are provided by the teachers in their own time, at no cost. Staff are highly invested in helping each and every child reach their full potential and I'm so proud the PTFA can help support this vital goal

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne