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Hi, we’re, helping dads across the UK to know that they’re not alone when it comes to the challenges of being a father. Whether it’s relationship issues, parenting struggles, some ideas and inspiration you’re after, or any other question you have on your journey as a dad, we’ve created a community of over 30,000 dads, along with advice and guidance from us, which is there for you 24/7. exists because dads matter. You’ve told us that it’s often hard to be open about how you’re feeling so we wanted to provide a safe space for you to be able to do so. This has grown from an online peer-to-peer forum to an entire website dedicated to dads, providing daily updates on areas you told us you’re interested in. We’ve also recently launched DAD Chat, enabling you to have one-to-one conversations with our DAD helpers via our live webchat service.

To make it even easier to access the things that matter to Dads, we're working to create the DAD bible – an App that allows you to access local dad information and share your knowledge with other dads, to really create that community feel. Some examples are:

- Dad Clubs happening in your local area – these exist today but often dads are not aware of them
- Dad days out, whether that’s with or without the kids!
- Dad-friendly baby changing rooms
- Dad events happening near you
- Dad skills exchange – help another dad out with things you’re good at, and equally get help from other dads in areas you’re not so good at, win-win!
- Dad causes – want to make a stand for something dad related? Recruit other dads’ support and the numbers will help you achieve your goal
- Dad support – having a bad day? Chances are someone will be able to help you, share what’s going on and help support others through their tough times too
- Dad offers – we can help negotiate special offers for products and services you’re interested in. Get a group of dads interested for even bigger discounts!
- Dad physical health – want a training partner, someone to help motivate you? We’re betting there’s someone out there thinking the same…
- Dad dating – support for our single dads, getting back on the scene and meeting someone new
- Dad mental health – this is really important to us. We want to make sure you know about services that can help you locally and we’ll also help wherever we can.

Phew! We really want this to be a space that you help shape – the more you put in, the more you and other dads will get out of it. Our goal is to take the great stuff already happening on and bring it to life in your local areas.

The DAD bible App will give you all you need Dad-wise at the touch of a button, where ever you might be, just carry us around in your pocket! On a serious note, no one should ever need to feel alone and people will always achieve more when they come together, so we wanted to do this for the Dad community.

Family Matters Institute

Moment of Pride is a small charity but we’re proud to be the largest online support network for Dads in the UK. We’ve helped dads in some of their lowest moments, which really humbles us. With our 30,000 strong interactive forum and our DAD Chat service, we’re always aiming to reach even more dads in need.

Location: United Kingdom