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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Falkland Cricket Club is a small village club which is very proud to play it's part in the local community. We currently have 75 junior and 40 senior members and field 3 junior and 4 senior teams.

The club is run by a group of dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly raising funds to ensure that opportunities continue to be provided for young and old to enjoy playing cricket.

Our facilities and equipment are in need of constant upgrading no more so than our wicket covers which we have had for well over 20 years. These covers are now showing signs of wear and tear, are well past their best and unlikely to last much longer. We would now like to replace these with modern lightweight mobile covers.

Both our junior and senior players would benefit with around 50 home matches played on our grass wickets each summer. Having functional, portable wicket covers will result in playing surfaces being kept dry significantly increasing the chances of more matches being played or completed.

Grass wickets are also used 3 times a week for practice over a 20 week period so being able to cover them and keep them dry will increase opportunities for coaching and player skill development.

Increasing the potential to play more matches and practice on a regular basis will help ensure that we retain the enthusiasm and interest of our existing members and potentially attract new ones to the club.

We have already raised £1000 towards the cost of the covers and are applying to the Aviva Community Fund for the balance of £4,100.

Falkland Cricket Club

Moment of Pride

We have some wonderful dedicated hard working individuals who help make the club the brilliant community club it is. The friendly, welcoming 'family ' atmosphere that exists means everyone really pulls together regardless of the event or fund raising project. Very proud of all that we have achieved.

Location: Falkland