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Funding level: Up to £1,000


The Yorkshire Junior Cricket Festival started in 1984 to provide competitive representative cricket throughout Yorkshire to showcase children who have the ability and aspirations to play at a higher level up to and beyond that of the County.
In 1984 it operated at under 15 level but further age groups at under 13 and under 11 have subsequently been added and are running very successfully. Approaching 1000 youngsters will participate every year and each will have the potential and opportunity to make the grade at the top level. Several individuals who have participated in the tournament have gone on to make the grade and represent their County and Country. It is with this progression in mind that the Yorkshire Junior Cricket Festival has been incorporated as an integral part of the ‘Cricket Yorkshire’ programme.
In promoting the sport of cricket it has been recognised that there is intense competition from other summertime sports to capture the attention and interest of the youngsters. The introduction to cricket at an early age is essential and a structured programme is needed throughout cricket to capture the imagination. In doing this representative cricket gives the encouragement to maximise performances at this early age and gain recognition to enable future progression. With this in mind we have successfully introduced an under 9 competition with the financial support of Aviva Community Fund. We now want to take this one step further and introduce a T20 competition for u12s, u13s and u14s incorporating coloured clothing and pink balls to replicate the seniors competing in like competitions. Introducing this format of cricket will give a wider representative range of ages competing and will initially provide upwards of 500 youngsters cricket at representative standard
The success of the competition throughout the age groups is dependant on many individuals who give their time willingly and freely to organise the competition, manage the teams, coach the youngsters, provide transport and support and link it with ‘Cricket Yorkshire’. It is the commitment of these people who drive the game forward and give justification for this application.
It is for these people and the future of cricket that our application is made to further the cause supporting all four age groups.

Yorkshire Junior Cricket Festival

Moment of Pride

The organising committee are proud to be associated with junior cricket and the Aviva Comm Fund as together we are providing youngsters with an opportunity to participate in sport. This is vitally important to the future of cricket and involvement leads to improved character through participation

Location: West Yorkshire, United Kingdom