Community support

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Norwich Puppet Theatre has been providing exciting and artistic family entertainment – be it puppet shows or puppet making workshops - for over 37 years. It I now time to develop our audience and reach people who wouldn’t normally have heard of us.

The aim of this project is to build on and develop the successful Voice of the Child project of 2016 to ensure that the Puppet Theatre has the necessary up-to-date technical equipment to deliver our performances and workshops. It will also help us continue to make the venue a more inclusive space by continuing to offer holiday activities to children under the umbrella of Norfolk Children’s Services and to start working with children who have complex needs to break down barriers of isolation.

The three strands break down into roughly equal blocks
Renovation and renewal
Bringing the theatre up to date by replacing the lighting and sound equipment in the main theatre. This will enable our staff and visiting companies to produce exciting up to the minute performances. Giving the building a bit of a facelift with the replacement of the well-worn stairwell carpet that is in danger of becoming a trip hazard.

Opportunities for all
To continue with The Voice of the Child sessions to provide a year round set of holiday activities both at the Puppet Theatre and at county-wide children’s centres for children and families being supported by the city assessment, family intervention, looked after children and early help teams of Norfolk Children’s Services.
These children and families are facing a variety of different forms of adversity. The families we will work with are often experiencing a range of difficulties including low income, poor living conditions, overcrowding, family breakdown, domestic abuse, parents with substance misuse issues and families with additional needs such as disabilities or health conditions.
We have worked with over 40 families so far, and the legacy of the project will reach further as staff, children and adults take their experiences with them through life.

Creating a more inclusive environment
To develop a year round programme of activities for children with complex needs. These children are often isolated from society and miss out on workshop and other cultural activities. Because they are in small groups the minimum charge for a workshop makes the per-student charge too high for them to contemplate being able to attend. The funds from this project will enable us to make up the balance or support travel costs so such children can be included in the excitement of the Norwich Puppet Theatre

The Project will run through 2018 and will see rapid change in the Theatre spaces in January so a year’s audience of 8000 will enjoy a refreshed entrance and be dazzled by new lights and sparkling sound. The scope and direction of all our projects are informed by the groups we work with as the year progresses, but with the knowledge that funds have been secured to cover the work through the whole of 2018 will enable it to develop and provide a legacy far beyond this initial year.

Norwich Puppet Theatre

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Norwich Puppet Theatre is an excellent introduction to the magic of theatre with original shows, activities, workshops & masterclasses for all ages.

Situated inside a converted medieval church, the Theatre is one of only three building-based puppet theatres in England. Home to a family of puppets

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