Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


We’re aiming to create a Peace garden at our school in memory of our late head teacher, Lisa Metcalfe, who sadly passed away last year.

The garden will be used as a quiet, reflective space for children to remember Mrs Metcalfe and members of their own family or friends that they may have lost. It will also incorporate a happy space to celebrate the things the children love and develop their self worth.

The children have been fully involved in this project, from drawing up their own designs, through to working with a landscape architect to produce the final plans. The garden will be accessible to the children at all times, and will also be used as a learning space. Parents and community members will be able to benefit from the garden at a range of school events.

The parents and children have been involved in fundraising and have successfully raised the funds to carry out the ground works; however in order for the children to benefit from their hard work to date we require a further £4,916 to pay for:
- Arc shaped “rainbow” timber seating and three wooden block seats for the calm area
- Straight timber bench for the celebration area
- Activity stations for remembering those who’ve gone before, reflection and forgiveness, celebrating friends and family and celebrating self worth
- Laser cut panels to form the backdrop to the calm space
- Entrance pergola and gate and low fencing

Being awarded this funding from the Aviva Community Fund would mean that the children’s design can be realised and they would benefit from this through enhanced wellbeing.

Howard School Association

Moment of Pride

This project is close to the whole school community’s heart. The Peace Garden has designed by the children to remember and celebrate their late head teacher. We were blown away with their ideas and designs, and the volunteers have worked hard to raise some of the funds needed to realise these.

Location: Ackworth