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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Beccles Rowing Club has had a presence on the river Waveney at Beccles for 28 years now but the focus has always been on competitive rowing in racing boats.

We are keen to make the sport more accessible for people in the North Suffolk area, in particular we would like to see more local children and older people have the opportunity to feep fit whilst enjoying the river. Our goal is to get a broader profile of people rowing from our local community.

A typical rowing racing shell can be quite intimidating for new comers to the sport as such boats require an acquired sense of balance.

As part of our initiative to encourage more local people to try our sport, the club has been fund-raising for almost two years in an attempt to acquire what is known as a 'Touring Boat'. The advantages of this type of boat are:

- It may easily be used for teaching from the cox’s seat
- It is more stable and sturdy for novice rowers
- It can be adapted for sculling or sweep oar rowing
- The seating positions may be switched so that two or three people can row
- It is perfect for less competitive social rowing

So far the club has managed to raise £2000 from it's own efforts but we are seeking additional grants in order to be able to place an order for a new boat that would suit all-comers.

Beccles Rowing Club

Moment of Pride

What makes me proud of Beccles RC is its energy and friendly spirit, welcoming all comers to our sport and the amount that we manage to achieve with such a small number of enthusiastic volunteers.

I love it when kids we have taught go on to college and take their love of the sport with them.

Location: Beccles, Suffolk, United Kingdom