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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Unique is planning to create a series of brand new and innovative comic books to help explain to children and young people about chromosomes and rare chromosome disorders.

These are complex genetic conditions which can often cause severe learning and physical disabilities. They’re hard enough to understand if you are an adult but especially difficult to get your head around if you are a child. Parents in the Unique community regularly ask us if there is anything we can send them to explain the disorders to their children, both those with rare chromosome disorders and their siblings. To support them, we want to produce easy to read, colourful, fun, interactive, imaginative comic books which engage children and help answer many of their questions.

Whilst some of the children with rare chromosome disorders are severely disabled, others are affected relatively mildly. These truly unique comic books will help them to better understand and come to terms with their rare chromosome disorder. It would also help their siblings better understand their brother or sister’s disability, illnesses and special needs and crucially help them explain to others, e.g their friends, teachers and others.

We want these books to help make unique children feel less isolated and better included. We want them and their siblings to feel more confident when discussing their rare chromosome disorder and the challenges it brings. Above all we want them to know that all achievements are worth celebrating and that strength and talent can be shown in lots of different ways.
Books are a great way of children engaging with a subject and helping them to manage their emotions. The books would be informative, uplifting and inspiring.

The estimated cost of this project is below:
* Illustrations: £200 per page for roughs and colour art: £2,400 based on a 12 page book
* Final pages: £100 per page for finals and colour art: £1,200 based on a 12 page book
* Printing: £300 based on a print run of 500 copies
* Staff costs: £600
* Distribution: £500
TOTAL: £5,000

Thank you for reading our project proposal. Improvements in diagnostic testing mean the number of children being diagnosed with a rare chromosome and single gene disorder has increased hugely over recent years and the need for information is greater than ever.

Unique - Rare Chromosome Disorder Support Group

Moment of Pride

This project will be helping a group of disabled children and their siblings who would not otherwise have this much needed information. It will be helping them to understand about the chromosome disorder they have, that they are not alone and that their achievements are worth celebrating.

Location: Surrey, United Kingdom