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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


The vision of the purpose built dedicated Cavalier Centre for disabled people to access equestrian and other sports, has taken shape over many years. The Perry Group has been in existence for twenty years and over that time has grown from using just two ponies and three volunteers to help a very few children, to helping up to 85 disabled individuals per week with 45 volunteers. The facilities at the current base in Yeaton are outdoors only and very limited.
The Group would like the money raised to be used to provide hydraulic mounting ramp such as the one used in other RDA centres around the country and shown in the video attached.The Cavalier Centre will provide indoor and outdoor areas where therapeutic riding, physiotherapy on horseback, equestrian vaulting and carriage driving with adaptive carriages to accommodate wheelchairs can all take place in safe and supportive surroundings. These activities will be for people of all ages with all kinds of disabilities ranging from cerebral palsy and spina bifida to individuals with emotional and eating disorders, individuals on the autistic spectrum to children with developmental delay.
The new venue will stretch out to a completely new catchment area through Telford to Wolverhampton and beyond. The Perry Group currently runs the only Hippotherapy (physiotherapy on ponies and horses) sessions in the West Midlands under the supervision of Ms L Munro, Chartered Physiotherapist and qualified Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Therapeutic Riding Lecturer and Examiner. (seen in the video using the mounting ramp at the Clwyd Special Riding Centre at Mold). The Carriage Driving sessions are some of the very few provided for disabled people in Shropshire and the Vaulting is the only group between Shropshire and South Warwickshire.
The Centre will also provide facilities that can be used by the wider community, Modern Pentathlon West Midlands and by other disability sports groups such as Disability Cricket, Wheelchair Boccia, Indoor Tag Rugby and Archery amongst others.
Work experience opportunities for individuals with physical and learning difficulties will be available as well as volunteering opportunities for young and older people interesting in getting involved in helping people less able than themselves. The Perry Group is currently supported by up to 45 volunteers per week at its base in North Shropshire and it will be looking to more than double this number when it moves to the Cavalier Centre just outside Much Wenlock.
We know that it is possible to help even more individuals and that there are more people out there willing to give a little bit of time each week to enabling this to happen. We also know that it is possible to deliver more sessions than we do at the moment and to add variety and interest to the format of the existing ones. There are many ways of interracting with horses and ponies and they don't all have to involve sitting on them or behind them in a carriage. Studying the behaviour of horses has proved to be a very effective way of enabling disabled people to learn more about themselves, about their peers and about the environment. We intend to develop courses to encompass this special way of learning and to enable individuals to develop personal skills, self confidence and individual competencies.
With purpose made facilities the group will be able to deliver so much more and will be able to help so many more individuals. The hydraulic mounting platform makes it possible for anyone with any kind of a disability to get on any horse. It is the most incredible piece of equipment and one that we absolutely have to have in the new centre.

Project Video

Cavalier Centre - Riding for the Disabled

Moment of Pride

My daughter was born with a disability and being involved with horses has made a real important impact for her wellbeing in many aspects, sense of achievement, confidence, love as well as physical. So as Mum, I am so proud to be involved with helping others to experience the wonders of horse riding

Location: Much Wenlock