Community support

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


'Grow Your Community - Sudbury' is a project to inspire local people to volunteer in the town’s parks and green spaces to make their community bloom.
Participants will get active to improve their health and well-being, learn skills, form new social networks, and build strong communities where people are proud of where they live and what they can achieve together.
Grow Your Community - Sudbury will establish volunteering groups in housing estates, blocks of flats, pocket parks and neglected areas of town, and give them the support they need to become self-sustaining. We will help develop community champions to head up these volunteering initiatives and drive forward ideas in their own neighbourhood.
Building on a pilot project, this new phase will inspire and empower increasing numbers of residents and groups to adopt green spaces and plots where they live, making the whole town bloom.
It will work with people who are isolated or lonely, people who are looking for something positive to get involved with, people who’d like to get more active and learn or share their skills, or who lack confidence and need support. It will work to improve community relations and reduce anti-social behaviour.
The project will enable people of all ages and abilities to get involved, creating facilities for people with disabilities such as raised beds, and creating planting schemes to attract children, such as edible and brightly coloured beds.
We are conscious that we need to consider the natural environment in all we do, so we will use plants which are good for bees and other pollinators, and create wildlife habitat to encourage species such as hedgehogs, frogs and lizards.
We know our project is needed because in the pilot phase we attracted more than 20 regular volunteers who clocked up more than 400 hours of work in six months.
In areas of Sudbury, almost a fifth of the population is 'hard-pressed' - meaning it falls into the 20% poorest areas of the UK - above district and county averages. There are large numbers of single adult households (pensioners and lone parents) experiencing difficult social and economic conditions. Life expectancy is below the Babergh District and national average.
Our project aims to get people active, improve health and well-being, build skills and employability, and bring people of all ages and abilities together to develop community capacity and improve the environment where they live.
Building on our core team of 20 volunteers, we expect to involve a further 50 people in volunteering in two parks, four housing estates, a block of flats and on four neglected street plots – involving a total of at least 70 people.
The funding will help pay for a Project Co-ordinator, two days a week, to promote the project and engage local people, organising work parties and inspiring people to up tools for their local community. It will help buy tools, equipment, compost, seeds and plants, as well as contribute to the costs of a vehicle to transport tools and volunteers. It will contribute to improving facilities for disabled people, and create areas for children and young families to garden in the local park. It will help pay for management and administration of the project, as well as for promotion via flyers, website and social media.
People should vote for this project because will provide opportunities for local people to get involved in a local project which is all about growing – not only flowers and produce, but their own health and well-being, their skills for work and life, and their whole community. Flowers make people smile and this project will bring people out of their houses to work with their neighbours to make a difference. It has the power to scale up and inspire the next street and the next street… until the whole town blooms!


Moment of Pride

I am proud of this project because in a short time it has brought people together to do something positive both for themselves and for the area where they live. Our charity is made up of a small team of dedicated staff who help bring out the best in people to make their communities bloom.

Location: Sudbury