Skills for life

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


ADHD Solutions works in Leicestershire, Leicester, Rutland and Nottinghamshire with the aim 'To improve the life chances of people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)’

This project will increase awareness/understanding of ADHD, using a holistic approach to empower young people to take control of their lives and increase employment and education opportunities by reducing the stigma of ADHD, social isolation and the risk of adverse outcomes, including relationship and family breakdowns, criminality, anti-social behaviour, long term mental health problems, life time underachievement and social exclusion, all of which will make a positive impact on the communities that the young people live in and the wider community in general. We have previously run a pilot of this programme and one of the young people has made the attached video to describe the positive impact that Get a Grip has had on his life. We are unable to provide this programme without additional funding.

The funding we are hoping for would enable us to provide four 8 week programmes of 3 hour workshops focusing on:

• Awareness of ADHD and executive functions
• Self Esteem and Relationships
• Time Management, Organisation and Planning
• Money and Finance
• Healthy Lifestyles
• Addictions
• Communication and Social Skills
• College, Employment, CVs and Interviews

that will:

• promote and raise awareness of positive mental and physical health;
• help vulnerable young people live independently in the community;
• support young people to deal with ADHD
• help young people with ADHD to gain skills to help them gain employment or access further education, improve their self-confidence and performance at school; and promote healthy lifestyles
• allow young people to spend time with others with ADHD, gaining support and strategies from each other

The project will increase participant’s awareness and understanding of the impact of their condition. It will improve the capacity of participants to function effectively and appropriately in society, teaching the life skills necessary to reduce their dependency on others and increase their ability to gain and hold down employment and increase their ability to manage within a work environment and contribute to their communities.

The additional added benefit will be that the participants will be more able to manage finances, improve planning and organisational skills, sustain relationships and function more appropriately in a family or social environment, leading to less unemployment and less likelihood of becoming involved with the police; less involvement with health and/or social care services and less reliance on the public purse, having a positive impact on their communities.

This project will improve the quality of life, including increased independence, for young people with ADHD and their carers. It will increase resilience and have a direct positive impact on their future reliance on statutory/public services and increase the likelihood of future employment. An indirect benefit will be that participants feel healthier, safer and less isolated and their families will experience less conflict and be under less stress.

We know that young people in our area are looking for this sort of support as we carried out a Survey Monkey survey completed by young people that currently attend our activity programmes and who would be the intended participants. The survey showed that 85% of the respondents asked for a programme such as this. This funding would give 36 young people the chance to change their future in a positive way.

I have given links to a video - a young person who has done Get a Grip talking about the positive impact it has had on him. Enjoy!

Project Video

ADHD Solutions CIC

Moment of Pride

Get a Grip has helped young people turn their lives round, offered support and helped families. I am proud to be part of an organisation that cares so much and offers real, practical support to vulnerable people, it has enriched my life and I want to give something back.

Location: Leicester