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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


At Hayfield Cricket Cub, we believe that cricket is a wonderful sport for improving young people’s health, confidence and self esteem.
There is clear evidence that through the chance to participate in cricket that the many problems we face in engaging young people in sport and physical activity can really be overcome, but it takes good quality provision.
Hayfield Cricket Club’s "Phoenix Project" looks to regenerate a community based sports club through its engagement with young people from all parts of the community of Hayfield. By working closely with Hayfield Junior Football club and Hayfield Primary School we are ensuring that all of our children have year round access to team sport from the age of five. Through this project even more young people will have the opportunity to improve their physical health, confidence and self esteem year round through outdoor and indoor pursuits whilst raising their awareness and involvement in Community Based activities.
Hayfield Cricket Club is in year 2 of Project Phoenix, with the aim to re-invigorate the club from grass roots up.
Our long term strategy is to attract boys and girls to the game of cricket at the age of five and instil in them the values and etiquette of cricket and to have great fun. As they move up through the ranks, these youngsters are guided by professional coaches during the summer season and also across the winter months.
In order to ensure access to this system we aim to ensure that all youngsters have the opportunity to participate regardless of affordability, skill and gender.
We now have just under 100 junior members which is a fantastic success story for a small village of 2000 people but brings its own challenges. We now have to make decisions regarding the funding of additional coaching facilities, safety equipment and time in order to ensure that each junior has sufficient personal time with a professional coach.
The funding of professional coaching puts a particular strain on the "business as usual" maintenance costs of our ground and pavilion. We have regular fundraising events but struggle to make end meet. This year we participated in the national English Cricket Board fundraising event called Cricketfest where clubs could take advantage of a national advertising campaign to generate interest in our local fundraising event.
At the Hayfield Cricketfest event in July 2017, we held an under nines cricket tournament where six local village teams of boys and girls competed for the Cricketfest trophy.
We attracted over 500 attendees to the event that was organised in conjunction with the Hayfield Juniors Football Club and the Hayfield Primary School PTA.
Although Cricketfest was a successful event for the club in attracting new juniors to the game of cricket and raising funds for junior cricket, we still face a huge fundraising challenge to ensure that the provision for juniors is improved.
Therefore we are submitting the following project to fund specific improvements to our offer to the children in our community:
Project Description - Coaching facilities and capacity (£5000 project)
An additional all weather net to grow our practice capacity at age 13, 15, 17. This is a critical investment, as our number 1 priority is to ensure that all our juniors are safe when training and playing cricket at our club. With the numbers we forecast to move onto training in 2018 with a hard ball, we are very concerned that we will soon run out of capacity for safe training.
An all-weather pitch to allow junior matches to take place even after heavy rain. Heavy rain is a common feature of Peak District weather during the summer.
Additional coaching time for all age groups to ensure our juniors get personal time with the professionals. Two coaches for each of U9, U11, U13, U15 and U17 groups would be ideal. Each coach spending 3 hours per week working with our youngsters throughout the year.

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Moment of Pride

The voluntary effort by the many individuals and the support from local individuals /organisations is outstanding and I am proud to support the "Phoenix Project ", which is a significant project to improve young people's health and self esteem and contribute to sustainability of this wonderful club

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