Community support

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


We have an ongoing project to provide information/talks etc to local schools to support their Yr5 in WW2 curriculum - younger groups also look at their "local history" and have walks around the area and the information boards planned will be of educational value. We also have talks and visits from other organisations and Groups to explain the History of the Royal Flying Corps/Royal Air Force Airfield from 16th January 1917 to its closure in 1963. The Society was fully involved in a major Event over The Weekend of 8th/9th 2017 July to celebrate 100 years of Martlesham Heath – The arrival of the Royal Flying Corps on 16th January 1916 marked the start of the evolution of Martlesham Heath from a sleepy hamlet to the thriving Community here today. This Centenary Event has caused great interest in the Aviation Story of the area – which we use our Control Tower Museum to explain. For more information please go to our website: . The Information panels we are looking to install around Martlesham Heath, at relevant points, will help explain the story to casual visitors, walkers, and School and other Groups.

The Martlesham Heath Avaition Society

I have been involved with this Organisation for about 30 years - throughout that time I have been involved in researching and telling the fascinating story of Royal Flying Corps / Royal Air Force Martlesham Heath and how that story fits into the local Community. We enjoy passing this story on.

Location: Martlesham