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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Hollymount Primary School PTA is looking to raise funds to replace old playground markings in the main school playground. The playground is used by approximately 360 Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils (aged 5 - 11). The current markings are old and faded and can no longer be used as they were intended.

The school’s playground is small compared to other schools of a similar size and we therefore need to use all available space to its full potential. The children love being able to run around but the small size of the playground increases the instances of children running into each other from various directions. Playground markings are an ideal solution, providing stimulating and fun activities (e.g. activity trails) for the children whilst directing running and jumping activities through a pattern within the playground, thereby reducing collisions. We would like to provide three new markings - the school is going to consult with the children's student council on exactly which markings to choose. The cost of these markings varies depending on design. As an example, an adventure trail measuring 11 metres by 11 metres costs approximately £500.00. An example of such a trail can be seen in the photos.

With the rise in childhood obesity and the proven benefits of exercise on children’s attention and performance, it is vital that schools provide pupils with an adequate outdoor space. Schools are facing ever-increasing cuts in their funding, so classroom materials must take priority. For this reason, the PTA has been asked by the school to raise funds to improve its outdoor facilities and to ensure pupils receive a rounded education.

The school’s playground is also used by members of the wider community, so they would also benefit from these new playground markings. For example, the Al-Ahliah School of Arabic uses the playground at weekends and the school is currently in discussions with the local Guides / Brownies to allow them access to the playground after school.

The PTA has a close relationship with the headteacher and staff at the school. The headteacher is actively involved in this project and the PTA is keen to help the school complete the project as quickly as possible so that pupils can benefit.

Hollymount Primary School PTA

Moment of Pride

As a parent of 2 children at the school, I am proud of how tirelessly the PTA and school work to provide an enhanced learning environment for our pupils. Hollymount is a wonderful school, with a great ethos and strong values. The PTA is passionate about the school and ways to improve it.

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