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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


The Sutton and Croydon MS Therapy Centre needs to urgently replace a key piece of equipment; our Balance Master. This is one of our most vital pieces as it helps our members with Multiple Sclerosis improve their lower limb strength, stability and power.

Our current machine works intermittently and can’t be mended which is why we would love your support to raise £2674 for a replacement.

On a day to day basis our team of specialist physiotherapists use this machine to help our members improve their balance and flexibility. It helps in lots of ways as it provides progressive, safe, rhythmic movement patterns that improve their joint mobility, proprioception and dynamic muscle stability for the lower limbs and pelvic regions.

Maureen, a Tuesday Member, is aware of its huge value as the Balance Master means she proactively uses muscles in her knees and ankles which makes both her calves and core stronger. She says, “This has helped me to stand more upright and I feel I am more active thanks to this regular targeted exercise.“

The Sutton and Croydon MS Therapy is a small and friendly self-funded charity that welcomes everyone with MS to our Centre to get the help and support needed to live well with MS. We run one to one and group specialist physiotherapy sessions each week that can help 162 people across Surrey, Sussex, Kent and London live well with Multiple Sclerosis.

Pilates, pain relief, massage, reflexology, and counselling are other therapies that we offer to provide our Members with a range of tools to help them best manage their symptoms.

For over 22 years our Members have benefited from our specialist classes and other therapies. As important, is our social, fun and relaxed environment which provides the opportunity to meet people, have a laugh, and get support and tips from others living with MS. Knowing they can spend a few hours a week with others in the same situation gives Members a real lift.

MS is a devastating condition that leaves people with varying degrees of disability. It is a neurological disorder which affects the central nervous system and distorts or stops the messages that travel between the brain and the body causing a wide range of symptoms.

It is a frightening condition because a person will not know how affected they will be. Currently there is no cure, but our classes, as well as exercises to carry out at home, and our specialist equipment, such as the Balance Master help our members help themselves to keep active and well.

We already know how valuable this piece of equipment is to our Members with MS and the important part it plays in their health and well-being. Please help us to continue this good work with a replacement machine.

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Sutton and Croydon MS Therapy Centre

Our MS Therapy Centre is an uplifting and enabling place where you are struck by the positivity and determination of our Members. Our physios work with the same people each week, and this regular contact means they get one to one care and support to have the best quality of life possible.

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