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SLOW (Surviving the Loss of Your World) is a North London-based charity that supports bereaved families. It has a simple concept – it’s a support group, run by bereaved parents for bereaved parents and their surviving children.

SLOW has been a lifeline for many parents that have suffered the devastating loss of a child and now, with your support, the charity wants to help more bereaved parents by setting up and providing regular support groups in another part of London.

About SLOW
SLOW has been supporting bereaved parents for more than ten years. It was recently awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, the MBE for volunteer groups. From its Islington base, SLOW runs more than 50 support groups each year. SLOW is unique in London - there are no other local services that regularly bring together, and provide long-term support for, bereaved parents and their children.

Over the years SLOW has enabled numerous bereaved parents to share their pain and find comfort in talking about their children. Over time, members find new meaning in life and central to this is building a continuing relationship with their child who has died. Members say the support groups provide a haven from the ravages of the outside world at a time when life has been irrevocably changed by their child’s death.

‘’SLOW has been a lifeline for me, it is a place to go to talk about my child, to understand what I'm feeling isn't unique and that there are other parents who have 'survived' the death of their child’’.

SLOW also works with children that have lost a sibling, so they can meet each other to reduce isolation and build resilience and confidence. Children between 6 and 14 years attend these workshops, which provide a safe space place to develop creativity, explore feelings and commemorate their sibling.

Our Project
Since 2007 SLOW has evolved a unique, successful, mutual self-help model of bereavement support. With your help SLOW now wants to support more bereaved parents by providing additional regular support groups in a different part of London. The groups will be open to all bereaved parents that have lost a child in any circumstances. As with our North London support groups, each meeting will offer a safe forum for bereaved parents to explore concerns and will create a network of local support to help tackle isolation and the challenges of daily life after the death of a child. At these groups SLOW will give space and support to bereaved parents as they gradually make their way back into the world, work and family life.

Slow (Surviving The Loss Of Your World)

Moment of Pride

For more than ten years SLOW has helped numerous bereaved parents in London and members regularly refer to the group as a lifeline. In June 2017 SLOW received the prestigious Queen’s Award, ‘the MBE for voluntary groups’ in recognition of its work in London supporting bereaved families.

Location: Islington, London, United Kingdom