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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Using positive psychology to enable groups of young people to think differently about their feelings & behaviour.

BE [Behaviour Education] is a group work project utilising positive peer-pressure as a tool to re-engage those who otherwise would be disengaging from school. It's a poignant project for those who are being negatively influenced by their peers and embarking upon a slippery slope away from succeeding academically. It's designed for teenagers who wouldn't normally listen to the advice of any one else other than their friends, and we invite peer groups into a room to discuss tricky subjects and help them come to positive conclusions.

Sessions are generally tailored to the needs of the group, but topics can include reducing negative influences, building healthy family relationships, goal setting, assertiveness, spotting patterns of behaviours (triggers, warning signs), spotting unhelpful thoughts, coping strategies for difficult emotions.


Moment of Pride

As most of our service is delivering 1:1 interventions, this project not only allows us to reach more individuals before they reach the slippery slope, but also works with those individuals who can support their own peers in overcoming academic challenges and negative influences.

Location: London Borough of Hounslow, United Kingdom