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Funding level: Up to £1,000


We are a gig rowing club based on the Fowey estuary.

We are having a new gig boat built in Fowey to meet the increased demand in the wider Fowey area for younger members ( 12 to 18 age group) . This will enable them be involved in more gig rowing. This current funding project is to raise the funds to equip this new boat with oars and the cushions each rower sits on. The photos included with the application show the type of boat being built and illustrate the equipment needed.

The area around Fowey has seen an increase in population over the past ten years because of a house building programme. This has led to an expansion in the demographics of the 12 to 18 age group The consequence for the club has been an increased demand for rowing. There is a limited outlet locally for promotion of health and well being for young people.

Rowing is a great sport with many positive values including fitness, positive mental health, learning to work as a team and social inclusion. All of this raises self esteem in what can be seen as a vulnerable age group. At present the Club is unable to meet the demand from this age group because of insufficient facilities. There are 22 young members at present , with more wishing to join. Rowing sessions are twice weekly for them , with spaces for 14 rowers but 18 or 19 have been regularly wanting to row each week.
The new boat and equipment will enable more to participate.
The youngsters already involved are doing well and their commitment gained them fifth place in the September Newquay championships.
This club is extremely inclusive to all involved, run on a totally voluntary basis with unusually no one drawing a salary. It works strictly within the guidelines set by the Cornish Gig Pilot Association for safeguarding and protecting children.

This award if granted would be to buy the cushions and a contribution towards the oars . The new boat will increase the rowing opportunities.

The Fowey Gig rowing club

Moment of Pride

Fowey Gig rowing club is volunteer run. It is friendly and welcoming. Low membership fees enable total social inclusion.The opportunity to meet the demand of 12/18 yr olds with the building and equipping of a new boat will increase the health and well being of this group in the Fowey area.

Location: Fowey