Skills for life

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Beechwood Primary have a new school library opening next year. In the digital era we now live in, books are being replaced by technology and reading has never been so important.

Abbreviations are now so common, C u l8r, Lol, 2moro and the list goes on.
Defo is probably the best example, most of us will have struggled with the spelling of the word definitely, I know I have and it is slowly being replaced with defo.

In fact, an independent bookshop just around the corner from Beechwood Primary school has recently closed because people are no longer buying books, it is sadly being replaced by a fast food chain.

Aviva's help would enable Beechwood school to buy new books for their new library and continue with the emphasis on the importance of reading.

Through reading our children not only learn one of the most important life skills, they have adventures and enter a magical world of imagination.

The school encourages a lot of different physical sports for all abilities to keep our children's bodies active and healthy. They encourage reading to help keep children's minds active and healthy. Moving children away from the television and games consoles, also known by many, as the digital babysitters.

With your help, Beechwood Primary school could achieve their goal of having new books for the children's library and continue to help educate children to help find fun and adventures from books.

Beechwood Primary School

Moment of Pride

I remember so vividly reading with my family when growing up, bring books to life, Mr Tickle and his extraordinary long arms, each time we read the book and Mr Tickle tickled. I was tickled, these are memories to last forever and the new school library will help keep this tradition going.

Location: Woodley