Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Heathrow Gymnastics club is a registered charity with a membership of over 1100 young people who participate each week.
We would like to install a sprung floor area in an enlarged space to continue to provide the best rebound and safe surfaces for a vast variety of gymnastics floor skills and preparation. Despite our considerable annual investment in maintenance and replacement, our large site requires constant development and upgrade to continue to provide the best space and facilities for our many members.
A new sprung floor area from equipment supplier, Gymnova costs £35,000. We would hope to apply to Aviva for £10,000 and would self fund the shortfall with club resources and fund raising.

Heathrow gymnastics club has over the past 30 years extended and improved their dedicated facilities. We have a large established programme of pre-school and under 12 year old classes. Our record of successes in many gymnastic disciplines is formidable and we use this group to inspire many new young people to try gymnastic activity. The Club has an extensive network of schools and special needs groups that also use the range of facilities. We offer artistic and general gymnastics as well as trampoline, acrobatics and aerobics. These will all benefit by this upgrade.
There is a large increase of customers and enquiries from those who want to learn gymnastics and become fitter and healthier during the process. We now want to enlarge participation particularly for the 12-30 year old category.
We have 4 specific initiatives to promote new participation but our waiting lists constantly demand more classes for gymnastic opportunities. There would be a new adult gymnastic class for this increasing area of need. Gymfit is another initiative developed and supported by the governing body to add a fitness component to teenage classes. Freestyle gymnastics would also benefit by this improved sprung surface area and this offers a new dimension of risk and “street cred!”.
Finally our pre-school programme would also use this space to good effect and allow us to provide extra classes.
The Club has long had an association with special schools, autistic young people and adult groups with special needs also use the facilities and trampolines, and we think we can expand this.
We are open and used 14 hours everyday to allow young people the time and space to maximise sporting opportunities.
Heathrow has an extremely well qualified staff of over 60 and our coach education programmes will also be enhanced by this new space and equipment.
The Clubs Indian dance classes have also been a significant bridge into the local community and Asian families where gymnastic participation was initially seen as unsuitable for girls. Now over 30% of our membership is non-white which reflects the local demographics. Many Indian sub-continent, Muslim girls are now participating in classes.
For the future we feel there is a niche for providing very simple exercise and calisthenics for seniors and even wheel chair users. The range of gymnastic skills would be simplified and appropriate, no somersaults! We have a staff member who has skills and links to develop this idea for additional day use.
Londons best gymnasts will also benefit by squad trainings or competitions at Heathrow. The club has well established pathways for gymnasts from grassroots to National team and we will build on this with school children and our school satellite clubs.
Heathrow gym club has a waiting list of over 550 children and this additional floor area space will allow us to run more classes as described and have an extra group in some current classes. Our sustainability is principally achieved by the ethos and atmosphere that the club manages to achieve.
Aviva and its customers can be assured that we will give maximum return for this investment within your themes of increased participation, improved mental and physical health through activity and club allegiance.


Moment of Pride

New customers arrive and they want to be a part of the activity, high standards and the health and friendship benefits that the staff inculcate.
The Heathrow atmosphere is palpable in providing an environment where people want to participate in gymnastics and related activities.

Location: Hounslow TW4 6DH, United Kingdom