Funding level: Up to £1,000


Our project is to organise and deliver a high quality programme of events in 2018. We will use the grant towards the costs of providing the programme which will take place throughout the Outer Hebrides and will provide opportunities for all ages and abilities to learn about the history and culture of the islands.

These are some of the events we plan to hold in 2018:
• Boat trips to the Monach Isles, Kinlochresort, St Kilda, the Flannan Isles and Scarp
• A talk about the well-known harpist Heloise Russell-Fergusson
• A talk about lifeline ferry services over the last 100 years
• A talk about medieval chapels in the islands
• A series of talks to commemorate the Iolaire disaster of 1919
• A walk to Vallay Island

We are still finalising details of further events and we anticipate that the final programme will include up to 8 boat trips, 10 talks and 4 walks.

Our project will bring people together to learn about the history and culture of the islands. Our annual programme of events is an important part of the islands’ cultural scene and is very well supported by island residents and tourists alike. Our events are aimed at all ages and abilities and we endeavour to ensure equality of access across our programme. Inclusivity is an important part of our philosophy and we often hold events in extremely rural areas to ensure that isolation is not a barrier. In addition we intend to offer live streaming options for some of our talks over the next year, beginning in November with a talk which will take place in the local high school in Stornoway and be live streamed across the Hebrides chain.

We anticipate that our Gaelic language/bilingual events will interest and encourage local people to take part and to speak the language. Our events, particularly boat trips, attract a wide age range so it will potentially allow different generational groups to converse in the language. Similarly, we hope that Gaelic and bilingual events will spark an interest in non-Gaelic speakers, both living locally and outside the islands and encourage them to follow this initial interest up.

We have a strong track record of arranging popular events across the Hebrides chain and a large network of contacts and partners with whom we work to publicise our events. We have a presence on Facebook and Twitter which generates a lot of interest in our events and a good relationship with the local press.

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Moment of Pride

We are proud of our project because it brings together people of all ages and abilities from across the islands to celebrate and learn about our shared heritage. Our volunteers are the unsung heroes who make it all happen and we are grateful for their unstinting support and enthusiasm.

Location: Outer Hebrides, United Kingdom