Skills for life

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Enterprising BME Women into employment

Project Description: The project will focus on engaging with the BME women who are vulnerable and facing multiple deprivations due to their ethnic background, gender, economic situation, cultural and language barriers. The project will deliver a range of skills development programmes to improve the confidence and employability of the vulnerable BME women.

We are an umbrella organisation of local Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities. Our aim is to help these communities overcome problems that prevent them from playing a full part in the social and economic life. Some of our clients are from the disadvantaged group, economically unwell, unemployed or economically inactive. The rate of unemployment and economic inactivity is very high among the BME communities. Many BME women are unemployed or economically inactive due to lack of adequate skills and confidence. Our project will tackle this situation. A large number of our clients have requested setting up some skills development programmes to help them increasing their confidence and employability. We have consulted with the people to identify their needs and thereby designed the services of this project to fulfil their needs. In addition to this our partners e.g. JOB CENTRE PLUS, Children Centres, Schools, Local Council and Housing Associations signpost BME women to us knowing that we are the only BME organisation in the area and have the infrastructure to support these people. Our project will improve the skills and confidence of the target beneficiaries and empower them to have better life and employment chances.

The project will run a range of skills development and employability programmes for the BME women who are unemployed, economically inactive and vulnerable facing multiple deprivations. The project will provide run:
 A women only English language classes to improve the language and communication skills of the women who lack English skills.
 A range of Sewing & Dressmaking Courses
 Basic computer course, Advanced computer course, MICROSOFT WORD and MICROSOFT EXCEL courses
 Social Media courses
 Personal Development programme
 A Job Club to help with CV, filling Job Application and interview techniques

We expect a minimum of 100 people to be benefited from our project to contribute enhancing their skills and confidence, have better employment prospect, improved economic situation and prospective future. A large number of our clients are women who would like to return to work but don’t have the necessary skills. They need to update their skills or explore their potentials, such as some women love sewing and with the help of a training programme they would like to set up their own sewing business from home. Other group of clients require improving their English language skills, IT skills, preparing CV, filling a job application form and job interview techniques etc. All courses will run weekly in a 2-hour sessions in various community venues such as Community Centres. The fund will cover tutor fees, equipment, resources and hall hire cost.

The project will enable participants accessing free training and courses to encourage wider participation from the most disadvantaged within the community. Being a charity we are not able to offer these services without any external grant. Overall outcome of our project will be improving the confidence, skills and employability of 100 vulnerable BME women who are unemployed or economically inactive. The project will improve their economic situation to have better chances in life. In addition the project will deliver some added values such as enabling participants to become independent, supporting their children in education at home, communicating with their child’s school, volunteering and building a cohesive society.

North Herts Minority Ethnic Forum

Moment of Pride

Local BME groups have approached us to provide this service for their communities. We are the only BME organisation in the area, which is established and have successful track record of delivering successful project according to the needs of the vulnerable people.

Location: Hertfordshire, United Kingdom