Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Faiths4Change (F4C) is an independent charity, our objectives are:
i) To promote, for the benefit of the public, the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment, and in particular to bring together faith communities to work towards improving the environment of disadvantaged communities within the North West of England.
ii) To advance the education of the public in the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment, particularly within disadvantaged communities in the North West of England

F4C is not a religious organisation. We utilise the common ground of caring for people and the earth many communities; both faith and secular, have in common. We champion equality and diversity. We achieve our aims by working in partnership to support people to come together to share and enhance skills that promote individual, community and environmental wellbeing and relationships.

Our partnership projects celebrate seasonal produce, reduce food waste and bring people from different countries and neighbourhoods together to make, enjoy and share food. Our approach has made a measurable difference to the wellbeing, sense of community and understanding that is shared by people engaged including Asylum Seekers and people using food banks.

F4C is a registered learning centre for Highfield and the Royal Society for Public Health Level 2 accredited food and nutrition qualifications. We have a pass rate of 99% and have supported more than 100 people to gain qualifications, including Ahmed and Chrissy.

Ahmed is an Eritrean man who was seeking asylum when he attended and passed our course. He has since been given leave to remain and opened his own Eritrean café. Chrissy is an English woman who has Aspergers Syndrome. She initially attended our course with her support worker due to anxiety. She attended regularly, eventually by herself as her confidence grew. Chrissy passed the exam, made changes to her lifestyle including losing weight and got a job in a local café.

Working with partners; HOPE + and Volition; Faiths4Change seeks funding to purchase a refurbished shipping container as a kitchen and learning hub. Collectively, we have people and support in place to deliver programmes, qualifications and volunteering. We need a fantastic compact multi - purpose space in which food is the central tool to engage, nourish and grow community for some of the many people from different countries and the local neighbourhood who seek support through HOPE +. It will provide space:
• To grow connection by sharing food and cooking
• To gain accredited food and nutrition qualifications
• For volunteers to gain experience in catering by cooking meals
• As a ‘kitchen table’ office space

Funding Requested: £12,995.00- this is for a Refurbished shipping container – redesigned and fully fitted out as a teaching kitchen / classroom. Price includes delivery to site. Project Location: Central Liverpool – to be housed with HOPE + Independent Foodbank (L1 / L8)

Our work is in demand – people seeking emergency support, being dispersed, experiencing hate crime and poor mental and physical health are growing. However, by providing a practical asset, we can offer support to people to move beyond emergency need to create sustainable, inclusive communities through amazing food.

Approximately 150 people each week seek food support from HOPE +; they are Asylum Seekers, Refugees and residents from local communities. Volition offers supported volunteering roles, in the past 2.5 years, 100 people have gone on to paid employment.

We anticipate making a measurable difference over several years, in year one a minimum of;
24 people pass Level 2 Food Safety in Catering
50 people attend cook and share sessions
30 people on volunteer placement
1,000 meals provided to people attending HOPE +
All beneficiaries will identify Improved health and wellbeing


Moment of Pride

Food expresses our roots – it nourishes us. Faiths4Change uses food to bring neighbours old and new together. This delicious project enables us to purchase a learning kitchen to bring people together, gaining skills, qualifications and volunteering experience with food to grow community & beyond

Location: Liverpool