Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Our club

BBDRC has been providing facilities for over 30 years to runners in the Bungay area. We have grown significantly in the last ten years and now have over 300 adult members and 80 junior members who regularly attend the many and varied training sessions currently on offer. The majority of our runners live in Bungay and the surrounding villages. We have achieved Clubmark status with Sport England which ensures we comply with their regulations.

Our club is far more than a running club. It forms the basis of a social life for many people. Our policies ensure we encourage people from all ethnic groups to join. We are roughly 50% male and 50% female. We have trained mental health ambassadors who are available to provide help. We have good links with the local medical practice and we try and encourage more people to improve their overall fitness and wellbeing by joining us. Many members have taken advantage of opportunities within the club to learn and develop new skills such as becoming coaches and run leaders, bringing about positive change to their overall self esteem and wellbeing. Our club is able to provide excellent training to both beginners and elite runners. We hold two beginner six week training sessions a year which on average each introduce about 35 people to running. The club currently has members who regularly represent Great Britain in international events.

The land which we are looking to purchase is our existing training ground. It is a six and a half acre site and on it we have a 400 metre running track and smaller tracks for juniors. We also have several large huts and a carpark which makes us largely self sufficient. Members have spent countless hours improving the site to it’s current excellent condition. Members use the training ground mainly on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays but it is available for use throughout the week.

What is the grant required for?

The grant will be used to facilitate the purchase of land we currently use for training. The owner of the land is asking £30,000 plus a contribution to their costs of £2,500. Our legal and valuer’s costs are anticipated at £1,500. The total cost with all expenses could be £34,000.

Unless we are able to buy the site, there is a significant risk that we will no longer be able to train on it as the owner wants to sell the land. We would also no longer be able to host races as we would have no venue so the impact on our ability to generate funds to continue to be self sufficient would be significant. If we are unable to purchase it, the future of the club will be severely prejudiced.

The purchase of the land will help improve the quality of life in a rural area by providing excellent and safe training facilities for runners of all ages and abilities.

Whilst the purchase of the land is a one off project, we do envisage that in the future we will be able to develop the training ground further. We will consider improving the facilities available and our first priority will be to plan for the installation of an all weather track. That will be followed by the installation of a long jump pit to encourage and offer our junior members the opportunity to become involved in sport more generally and who we will support to go on to become the athletes of the future.

Other funding

The members of the club are making interest free loans to the club. We hope to raise £17,500 from loans and we have £5,000 available from our own resources. We are forming a Fundraising Committee to take forward a number of ideas to raise money for the project.

Our own resources have unfortunately been depleted this year as we have been victims of a fraud costing us £12,000. The reserves in our Balance Sheet at 31st December 2016 were £13,280 but this fraud has reduced them considerably.

How much money is requested?

We would be grateful of any grant to enable us to take this project forward

Bungay Black Dog Running Club

Moment of Pride

The club is an important part of the community and our members lives. We are very proud of being able offer the opportunity to run and train for all abilities and ages. The purchase of our training ground will enable us to secure the future of the club for both existing and future members.

Location: Bungay